Blogging is not second class journalism!

Despite the fact blogging is often considered as amateur journalism, I am deeply convinced that you can find some high quality blogs on the net and that some of their writers are able to produce some good pieces of writing that are as good as the articles that you might read in some newspapers.
Of course, you have to consider that there are several categories of bloggers:
-the « less creative » bloggers who only copy and paste articles they have found on the net
-the bloggers who work like tabloids: big headlines, big photos and poor content.
– the bloggers who write articles on a subject matter (politics, religion, music, arts, literature etc…) that passionates them. Those bloggers usually spend hours doing their research and putting their words and ideas together.
You guessed it: the third category of bloggers is my favorite. I like it when people put some real efforts in expressing their ideas.
I don’t claim that each of their articles is a masterpiece, but not all of the articles from so called professional journalists are masterpieces.
I do think that a blogger who really invests himself in his writings has the same genuine qualities as a person who has spent several years in journalism classes. A writer who writes every day to perfect his skills can reach a professional level.
That’s why bloggers shouldn’t be despised and viewed as second class journalists. Unfortunately too many talented writers keep hidden and undiscovered in the blogging jungle like diamonds in the dirt.