Vishiss/ Conquer The World song review

If you have never heard about him, Vishiss is another incredibly talented Detroit white rapper besides Eminem. He’s real and talented. One of his songs, Conquer The World, really moved me. Although this song is not totally representative of Vishiss’ rapping style, I would like to share my feelings and impressions about this song with you.
Vishiss’ song is track Nr 13 of his upcoming album Subliminal Criminal Hyminal.
If you live in the ghetto and struggle to make it, you will be able to relate to this song. Music notes introduce you into the song like little drops of rain, violins and drums will make you feel the intensity of the song.
A song that is dedicated to anybody who feels like they’ve been stepped on and taken advantage of or taken for granted.
It will also make you feel the importance of a rap deal for an aspiring rapper.
This is the story of a young man who skips classes and who is so much focused on his dreams that he won’t let anybody stand between him and his dreams. He just follows his heart. He knows that he has put his mom through pain through some of his actions. He’s no saint.
This young man knows that he can conquer the world with his flow. He wants to rap, not for the girls nor for the fame and the money. He wants to live up his dream and conquer the world.
The song is very melodic. A touching ode to all the hard working people who struggle and who are determined to follow their dreams. Check this song out: I am pretty sure that it won’t leave you indifferent.