Discover Solystic, a young Detroit talent

Have you ever heard about a young Detroit rapper named Solystic aka Slimm75 aka Zack Groulx? If not, you should really check him out, because he is worth your attention. I went to his personal website, took some time to explore him and I wondered why he was still unsigned, because his talent is quite impressing.
Who is Solystic?
Zack Groulx aka Solystic aka Slimm 75 was born on April the 2nd, 1985, in Detroit, Michigan. In the beginning, Zack didn’t picture himself as a rapper. Then, at the age of 15, he discovered Tupac. He started focusing a real interest on rap music, writing his own rhymes and doing his best to combine them with music and beats of his own.
At 16, Zack started recording some songs at a studio located at 9 Mile called The Disc.
At the age of 17, Zack Groulx was lucky to cross Lyle Wolf’s road. Lyle Wolf helped him to improve his style. Both men collaborated on different songs and their collaboration allowed Solystic to put seven more songs together, “My Chance,” “Game,” “The Letter,” “Here To Stay,” “Last Breath,” “The Edge,” and “Occupation.”
Like many apriring artists who want to promote their brand new work, Solystic started performing his seven songs for free. After performing 3 times at the state fair and twice at Checkards, Solystic made his demo, ” One Way To Go.”
Despite the hard work he had put in his demo and his strong will to succeed, Solystic didn’t receive any response from the 10 labels whom he had sent it.
At the age of 19, struggling for more independence, Solystic built his own studio with the help of Lyle Wolf, at 25 Mile and Shelby.
Solystic made a live appearance at Grand Rapids’ radio WSNX.
His songs are currently played at a local Boston radio. Solystic is currently collaborating with Dj Marqious on his new CD.
Solystic’s influences
Zack is open minded towards many musical genres. His major influences are Ozzy, Eminem, Aerosmith, Tupac and many more…
His musical style
Zack Groulx comes up with an original style of his own, a rich instrumentation, some good lyrics, various themes and a strong voice.
That’s why you’d better not categorize his style, Solystic writes like he feels it:
“My style shouldn’t be categorized , it’s just how I feel.”
Curious to discover how Solystic sounds? Check him out here.

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