It is up to us to choose luck instead of misfortune

It’s up to us to attract luck or misfortune. I know this might sound weird to many of you, but I strongly believe it.
A recent experience I made seems to fully confirm it.
I was recently confronted to a problem that really bothered me. I couldn’t see any reasonable solution for it and my first reaction was to panic.
However , I know by experience that anxiety will lead me nowhere and only worsens the problem I might be confronted to. Overreacting only makes us feel bad and weak. When we’re in a bad state of mind, we often lack a clear and objective vision of the situation. That’s why it is so much important to analyze the way we react.
At the very moment I realized I was reacting the wrong way, I decided to stop reacting and to start acting.
After several phone calls, a few appointments, my problem has eventually been solved. Not only has it been solved, things have turned to my best advantage!
No matter how dark the situation seems to be, remember there is always a way out. Remember that only your reaction to the event can hurt you and you will only be unlucky if you think that you are.
In our material world, sometimes things look bad- in appearance. Be spiritual and be conscious of your power: make the right choice.
We can choose life instead of death, happiness instead of pain, luck instead of misfortune. Choose the attitude that will make a winner of you-no matter what.