Ford shocked by Eminem’s lyrics

According to the latest news, Eminem’s lyrics seem to be too vulgar for Ford executives‘ taste.
I was really amused to learn that Ford was ready to get involved in a business with Eminem and that they rejected him afterwards because of the lyrical content of his song.
The business was supposed to be fruitful and to increase Ford’s car, Ford Fusion, among young hip hop fans with the use of Eminem’s new video.
Too bad: the businessmen found out that the lyrics to the song were too vulgar and they split up with Em.
What does Ford expect from Marshall Mathers? He is known to be the full mouthed rapper.
Whether you accept him the way he is or not. But please stop being such hypocrites !
Before collaborating with him, you’d better know what Eminem is all about .

2 thoughts on “Ford shocked by Eminem’s lyrics”

  1. Ford-what were expecting one of those damn motherfuckers-N Stink?Anyway N Stink stinks and should die!

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