Cypress Hill: Till Death Do Us Part album review

Rating: four stars and a half/ masterpiece
Till Death Do Us Part is Cypress Hill seventh album. It was released in 2004. The album will offer you another taste of Cypress Hill’s rich musical panel.
Since 1994, the Cypress Hill trio B Real, Sen Dog and DJ Muggs has gained a new and valuable member: Eric Bobo, son of the famous salsa musician Willie Bobo and former Beastie Boys member.
Bobo is the drummer of the band and he does a great quality job.
If you haven’t listened to the album yet, B Real will give you an idea of what the album actually is:
« We wanted to take it back to what it was in the beginning. It’s all raw hip-hop with rock touches, reggae and the Latin thing we started with.  »
Instrumentally, the album is rich of many sounds. Another Body Drops is a hot track : hot beats, electric guitar and gunshots is a well done « Shoot Em Up song ».
Till Death Comes is very melodic: violins, piano, keyboard sounds, catchy beats will drop you into Cypress’ world.
Latin Thugs will introduce you into Cypress musical Latino flavor. Dance along with the famous Latin Thugs on the very dynamic track.
Ganja Bus will also make you enjoy the Latino flavor of the group.
Busted In The Hood is a well written story…follow the sound and enjoy the funny story.
What’s Your Number is my favorite track. The video of What’s Your Number is also worth a look.
What’s Your Number introduces you into a Jamaican flavor and sounds like in invitation to party and to hang out with the Cypress
Definitely gangsta, still smoking weed, Till Death Do Us Part will allow you to fully enjoy Cypress Hill’s talent.
Often underrated, Cypress Hill get less love than they actually deserve. Check the album out, you won’t regret it, because it is a masterpiece.