Rufus Johnson aka Bizarre reveal mores about himself

Curious to know more about his unhealthy and sick habits and about who he is? Read about them here and find out more about him here!
In a recent interview published in The Mercury News,
Bizarre, the Weirdo in D12, revealed more details about himself and even about some of his « weird habits ». If you already knew that Bizzy was an tire iron and shower cap collectorand about his passion for pets, you might be surprised about Bizarre’s « biggest handicap ». Now joke: Bizarre chews paper for hours:
« I chew paper. »
Paper? Yes, Bizarre chews paper. But not any kind of paper: he is used to chewing toilet paper:
« It calms my nerves, so I chew toilet paper. It’s definitely a habit, but not consistent though. I probably do it once every two or three hours. »
He has no favorite brand, but he likes oversea tissues:
« It don’t matter. But I like overseas tissue. It’s kind of real thick. »
Like anybody else, Bizarre has his own tricks to get rid of stress. Chewing paper is one of them. Smoking weed is probably the second one.
Chewing paper is a bad habit that goes back to Bizzy’s childhood. His wife, Deanna, just hates it:
« I don’t know. I been doing that since I was 10 or 12. (Laughs.) I don’t swallow it. I just leave little specks around the house. My wife hates it. »
Maybe you also ask yourself about the most bizarre event that might have happened in Rufus’ life. Bizarre remembers being carjacked as he went to a store with his mom’s boyfriend:
« When I was 10, I went to the store with my mom’s boyfriend and this dude carjacked us. He made us drop him off at his sister’s house, cause he was gettin’ chased by a whole precinct. So we drove him to his sister’s. »
Bizzy admits having bad habits like chewing paper, but he doesn’t want to change them. He accepts himself the way he is. Being asked about which habit he’d probably change if he could, he replied:
« Hmm. None. I like me. »
Rufus Johnson, who is, as far as I am concerned, an amazing emcee and personality, is often misunderstood by his public. Because he is sometimes sick, weird and crazy in his artistic expression, people expect him to act the same way in real life:
« Yeah sometimes, people expect it from me 24 hours a day. And when they see you they ask the craziest questions. Like I had someone ask me if I wanted to smoke crack. They just really believe in what you say. When (D12) was in Philly, the police had to come get one dude cause he would not leave until I came off the bus. He was like, ‘I want to see Bizarre! I want to see Bizarre!’ »
Let me tell you this: Rufus Johnson is a regular person in real life. Don’t expect him to act too foolishly in front of you!
Bizarre is very modest. Guess what he would like to have written on his tombstone:
« Rufus Johnson. The paper eater. »
Bizarre is a complex D12 character, his personality seems to be split between insane weird, sick and funny. His rhymes are often underrated and he is so often assimilated with D12 as a group. Hanni Cap Circus gives the listener more insight about Rufus Johnson’s talent. Take some time to check Hanni Cap Circus and you will see that Bizzy has done a real great job.

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