Infinite album review

Infinite is Eminem’s first album and also his introduction to the world. Marshall Mathers had placed a lot of hope in the release of his debut album, that, unfortunately sold only 1000 copies.
Infinite was produced by Eminem’s fellow D12 member Denaun Porter aka Kon Artis
The major flop of his album nearly lead to Marshall’s suicide in 1997.
A further examination will make the attentive listener understand that the flop of the Infinite album is certainly not due to a lack of lyrical skills: Eminem’s lyrical ability in Infinite is impressing.
The Infinite song is a good example of the great poetic words that came out of this album.
The reasons of Infinite lie elsewhere and if you ask me I’d tell you that the major problem of the album is the lack of technical means and maybe also the lack of good promotion.
Infinite represents Eminem the way he was in his younger years: a young man in search of true love as the song « Searchin» fully reveals it. A young man facing a lot of financial problems and trying to feed his family. When you have been yourself through similar difficulties, you will be able to relate to songs like « It’s ok ».
“313” gives us the taste of a « sweet emcee from the 313 ».
« Maxine » also belongs to the well written songs of the album.
Marshall’s sincerity all over Infinite is so touching. But it seems that it wasn’t enough. Despite the huge efforts, he had put into his album, people reproached him to sound like Nas.
The public wanted something else, something biting that Eminem gave them with the Slim Shady EP and the Slim Shady LP.
Although people won’t unanimously agree on Infinite, I’d advice any true Eminem fan to check the album if he hasn’t done it yet- at least for the great lyrics written by Marshall Mathers.