Thinking you know the real Obie Trice? You really have no idea…

Growing up in the Northwest Detroit hood
Obie Trice grew up on the Northwest side of the D. The hood he grew up in can be described as ‘ mix of struggling families and thugs ‘.
Growing up in the hood, no matter where you come from, has never been easy. Even going to school will confront a kid very early to typical problems like drugs and bullies. Ghetto inhabitants are survivors and they have it at least 10 times harder as other people.
Obie’s family
They used to call him ‘ stank ‘ as a kid. A nickname that sometimes annoyed Obie when he was growing up:
‘We called him ‘Stank,’ ’cause he was a little stanker. He didn’t like that. When he was 12, we were in the store, and I called him by that name. He said, ‘Mama, don’t call me that no more!” (Eleanor Trice)
Obie is the youngest of four brothers names Gerald, Terry and Damon. All of his brothers are graduates with good job positions.
Obie was the rebellious character of his family. Why? Simply because he was as spoiled kid:
‘ The reason why Obie was sort of rebellious is because I think he’s the one that was spoiled the most. ‘
‘ Gerry and Terry, they were sort of self-reliant. Damon was kind of a loner, but he was focused on his future. Obie got everything he wanted. And, you know, when it comes easy, it goes easy. He didn’t learn the value of anything at that time. You know how kids are. ‘ ( Obie’s dad)

The brother Obie is close to is Terry:
‘That’s the only manager I roll with, he’s a father figure to me, but [back then] he was gone away to school. I’d holler at him over the phone, but the phone ain’t shit on havin’ somebody around you, know what I mean? ‘
Obie’s parents are divorced, but Obie has always been in touch with his dad. Obie’s dad had a determinant role in Obie’s rapping skills:
‘ He had a dictionary and some index cards, and he would ask me questions about various words. What’s this word mean, that word mean? How do you use it in a sentence? I never realized that he was building his vocabulary to rap. ‘
Beef with Eleanor Trice
Like many teenagers, Obie caused some trouble and sorrows to his mom.
Obie was a rebel who raised hell in his mom’s life.
Those conflicts between kids and parents are necessary, because they are part of growing up in an adolescent’s life.
‘Me and my moms used to have a good time together,’ you tell me, ‘and, as I got older, just seein’ the transition in her face, like, you know, her lovin’ me as a little guy to gettin’ to where she can’t stand me, that shit was crazy. I was doin’ what I was doin’, though. You couldn’t tell me shit back then.’Eleanor had also to struggle with her son’s bad frequentations. Obie happened to bring unwanted guests at his mom’s home, like this girl his mom had to through out of her living room at 4 am:
‘I went and grabbed a knife long as my arm, ‘Bitch, get outta my house.” (Eleanor Trice)
Obie also got involved in hustling and the fact that he rapidly quitted his job ‘ because it was too cold ‘ became a living nightmare for his mom.
But right now Obie has settled his beef with his mom. His recent ‘ Don’t Come Down ‘ song and video out of his debut album cheers is an open and moving apology to Eleanor Trice.
Obie Trice’s career
Obie has known his D12 fellows since the Hip Hop Shop:
I’ve known Obie since the Hip-Hop Shop ‘ (Proof)
Proof gave him his rap name:
‘ That was around ’94, ’95. I thought he was incredible. Back then, he said his rap name was Obie One. I asked him, ‘What’s your real name?’ He said ‘Obie Trice.’ I said, ‘That’s your rap name.” (Proof)
But his way to stardom is a long story of determination and patient work in the shadow.
Track Nr15 on D12’s ‘ Devil’s Night ‘ album made people attentive at Obie’s voice.
Rufus Johnson (D12’s Bizarre) introduced Obie Trice to his future boss, Marshall Mathers.
Obie Trice appeared in the ‘ Without Me ‘ video in 2002 and he made a second apparition in the well made ‘ Rap Name ‘ video.
Obie appears on the 8 mile soundtrack. Listeners had the pleasure to enjoy Obie in sonsg like ‘ Adrenaline Rush ‘ and ‘ Rap Name ‘.
With his debut album ‘ Cheers ‘, released in 2003, Obie made his official steps in the rap game. He is certainly one of the realest and skilled Detroit rapper signed to Shady Records.