A daddy who gets involved in his daughter's school life

Despite the fact that he is always very busy, Eminem takes times to really get involved in Hailie’s daily life. For those who doubted it, Marshall really loves kids and it even happens that he travels with the kids when they’re doing a school trip, which allows him to spend more time with Hailie:

In school, when they have plays and field trips, I don’t miss them. Even if I’ve got to deal with craziness.

I sometimes wish my youngest son was a pupil in Hailie’s class. Can you imagine that the famous rapper takes time to read books to the class?
Last year I went and read to the class. Two books. It was reading month or something. (Eminem)
Eminem doesn’t play the role of a good father. He doesn’t have to. Facts talk by themselves. Hailie is one of the luckiest daughters in the world, because her father always finds time for her despite his always busy and hectic schedule.
Marshall never misses an occasion to show his love and dedication to his little girl. He is definitely not the bad person some people keep thinking he is.

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  1. I’m mad about his relation ship with Hailie.
    Right that this little girl is sooo lucky, but she deserves it since she is the reason that makes him smile each day.

  2. I love his reltionship with hailie and laney, i dont see who whouldnt, hes a very loveing farther and uncle and knows his prioites, people often despite for his music, but there just be the foolish ones!

  3. I am so jealous of hailie.I am 12 and I Just Fell In love with his music and him when i first ever heard of him.And my dad is really mean at times…But Marshall Is Cariing for his daughter each day of his life,Soooo cool!!

  4. I love this relationship between Hailie and her father. He’s not what you think he is i guess the media should get there facts right before they interfere with others personal life. But she would be the luckiest girl in the world and has the most loving father that anyone would ever want.

  5. he is a great father and nobody can say different!! he’s my cousin and i saw him go threw everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Ashley, you are 15 years old and you’re from NYC…keep on lying and i will display more personal info about you on this site. Liars and posers are definitely NOT welcome!

  7. the one thing that makes me mad is that u never hear stuff like that on the news or anywhere they always talk about the bad things and never the good things. to me that is why people think he is such a bad person because they dont know what he does behind what you hear from other people.someone can be so sweet but if u hear nothing but bad things about them then you will think they are a bad preson because u have heard nothing but bad things about them and u have nothing else to go of off.

  8. why don’t you stop big deal he thinks he is minem’s cousin jus let him tink it tihis aint a site for people to say thy arerelated to eminem it is about hailie and eminem he prob gets loads of people say hhey are related prob don’t bother him anymore i think eminem is one of the most loving dad’s to hailie and great uncle to lannie and so he hopes to be a good dad to witney i think he is wicked

  9. omg im so jealous of hailie having eminem as a dad im 15 and i heard his music when i was 10 and have bought his cds and dvds eva since i would love eminem to be my dad

  10. i think its realy good how he cares so much about hailie i love all your songs with her in especialy when im gone ive got the video of that and i watch it over and over wishin my dad was like em. 🙂

  11. i think there is no better father then em. my dad couldnt give a shit about me n when i read about a famous rapper who is caring enough 2 read books to he’s daughters class it just amazes me em your doing a great job with your family keep up the exalent work! 🙂

  12. Eminem is a great dad, its amazing how much love he shows Hailie i fink he’s a great guy as well as a great dad, take care em, lots of love ta you an ya family!

  13. I think its cool that Eminem is such an awesome dad even though his dad wasn’t so great

  14. claire im glad ur daddy is a good one too!
    Thoes any of you guys know what eminem is doing, i havent heard about him in a while…Some say he is out of the music deal… I would be very sad about it.

  15. my dad died in november of 07. i miss him alot. my step brother brandon betts shot him. my dads name was richard louis hall jr. he lived in brunswick georgia. wen i c slim it brings back memories. good luck with ur family!

  16. yesterday i thought i should search about em and suddenly i started loving his songs but when i read about his history it made me cry alot.marshal is a really good father.he is so awesome.i cant even imagine how does he takes out time for hailie from his busy life

  17. yeah, she’s a lucky girl. the more i read about these two, it cinvicts me cuz aint good at bein a dad to my daughter. congrats, marshall!

  18. My question is whether or not he disciplines her. Part of being a good father is to have some rules and that. Kids often hate their parents for disciplining them, but really, the worst thing a parent could do is let the kid have what they want and do what they want.
    But I admire Eminem’s devotion to his child, heck, some parents should take a leaf from his book. It’s strange though, how a guy who can love his child so much (perhaps all children?) can write all that horrible stuff in his songs and lyrics. Crazy.

  19. i am a huge fan, most faggots diss him & Hailie and say shit, but really Em is da best, his songs keep me alive cause usually i aint got shit to help wit the stress & shit… his songs & lines from dem are my life at times & dats a big reason i listen to him. my dad left me & My mom, too but my ma aint as bad as em’s, i think me & em are alike but then again i dont know i live in a bitch ass town in central new york, i hate it here, its a town called clinton its filled wit faggots. i have 100 songs by Marshall on my computer, email me plz LASAVEGASA@YAHOO.COM thank you good night

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