Eminem moving to Hollywood?

Will Eminem actually move from Detroit to Hollywood?
Some recent rumors say so. A recent article from the Sun Magazine even gives full details about Marshall’s new Hollywood mansion:
Has Eminem turned his back to his Detroit roots? Many people say so. Some of them even accuse him to become a « sell out » because of his recent decision. Why should we even argue about Marshall’s decision? It is none of our business, after all.
The same article from the British tabloid also reveals out some details about Eminem’s future rooms and their equipment.
A few months earlier, Eminem stated that he would never leave Detroit. So why did he choose Hollywood? According to a source, the talented rapper wants to be concentrated on his acting and producing career.
” He will never lose touch with Detroit but Eminem felt it was time to move to Hollywood.
“He’s always staying there for work and has loads of friends in the area.
“The house is new and comes fully kitted out but he is employing an interior designer to personalise it to his taste.”

Does that also mean that Eminem might stop rapping soon? That might be a great disappointment for a lot of fans who would be more than glad to see him stay being part of the rap game.
Will Eminem actually leave Detroit and move to Hollywood? It is rumored in the tabloids. We will be informed about it in a near future I guess.
According to Eminem’ s recent TRL call, there is nothing true in those rumors:
“You know what’ s so crazy to me is I don’t know where these rumors came from but that rumor is not true. I’m going to stay in Michigan for the rest of my life. I’m a Detroiter for life, baby!” (Em

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