A little taste of “Mosh”

I recently managed to capture some lyrics from Eminem’s new song « Mosh » on Shadysoldiers.com.
Of course, those are just partial lyrics. But they clearly reveal Eminem’s anger and disgust about Bush’s policy.
Some people who pretend to be patriotic are sometimes shocked and describe Eminem as anti-American.
Some comment left on an Eminem board by a US marine who pretended to be an Eminem fan really angered me:
« Everyone pay close attention to what I’m about to say.
I want to start off by saying that I’ve been a fan of Eminems ever since he’s started his rap career, and I’ve listened to him up to now, and I’ll keep listening to him in the future. This situation with him making comments and disses towards President Bush have most definately become out of hand, and are in fact getting childish. Eminem is acting more immature than he ever has in his whole career. Everyone gets the point that he has no respect for the President, and it is clear that Eminem has become a disgrace as an American.
I’m a U.S. Marine, so I know what I’m talking about here people. I’m not saying everybody has been doing this, but I’m seen a lot of messages and posts lately saying “Vote for Kerry, because Eminem says so.” That’s the worse thing anyone could do. Also, about this song Mosh and it’s lyrics, Eminem is not helping the country by saying those things. He’s not in this war to get money, he’s doing it to protect our country from terrorists. I’ve been to IRAQ, and I’m proud to serve my country, and die for it. Eminem has no place to say anything for the U.S. Armed Forces, because he’s a Rapper, not a Soldier. Don’t believe the media, they’re only interviewing the dark side of that country. When I arrived there many of the Iraqi’s were so happy to see us, because they want their freedom from the terrorists. The terrorists are the ones that hate us, and if we don’t stop them, then they’ll keep on attacking our country, just like 911. That’s the reason why we’re in this war, because we’re protecting our country and this citizens within it. My father was also in the Marine Corp, and he was the first one ready to go into battle.
President Bush is a good man. He’s trying to do good things by protecting our country from terrorists. He’s not trying to get money, or trying to get people killed. He’s doing what is best for the country, and the American people. I’ve seen him in speak, with all my fellow Marines, along with many other families, and civilians. The military supports President Bush, and we are glad to have him as a President. The years that Clinton was in office didn’t help, because all the terrorists attacks that happened during his time, such as the attack on the U.S.S. Cole in October of 2000, they just built up. The Clinton Administration avoided confrontations with these attacks. There were soldiers killed on the U.S.S. Cole. How do you think their family members felt. I bet you they weren’t too happy about Clinton not doing a thing. The point is President Bush is doing what’s good for the American people, by protecting them from Terrorists. Kerry is not going to protect them. This election is more of a popularity contest to Kerry, as many people have said. Kerry is a person that would not get the job done, plus he doesn’t fund the military, so that’s not helping, as far as keeping terrorists out of the country.
Everyone needs to realize that this war has to be fought, otherwise terrorists are just going to keep coming into our country and making these terrible bombings. Bush is the person that will protect this country from terrorists. He’s not trying to get people killed. The U.S. military is commanded by President Bush. That’s why he is called the Commander and Chief. Personnel of the U.S. Armed Forces fight for their country, their freedom, and their family. I’m proud to be a part of the U.S. Armed Forces, and I’m proud to serve under President Bush. Do the right thing people. Vote for President Bush, he’s a good man, and he will do a better job than Kerry.
Once again, I’ve been a fan of Eminem for years, and I probably will be in years to come. There’s someone out their who needs to open everyone’s eyes. That’s what Eminem needs, his eyes to be opened. »

How can a man like him tell us that Eminem needs his eyes to be opened when himself is blinded with his ignorant patriotism? How can he dare questioning Eminem’s American citizenship because he is clearly opposed to Bush? Also, how does this man call him immature for having a different political view?
America needs courageous people like Marshall Mathers to show some opposition to President Bush. As far as I am concerned, Bush is the worst president America has ever had and who is ready to do anything possible to satisfy his hegemony will, no matter how many lives it will cost. Bush is not only a danger for America, he endangers the whole world with his stubborn attitude. A man who sends America’s children to a worthless Iraqi war with no concern for the so many civilian victims on both sides is not exactly what I would call a « good man ».
I guess some rightists will never admit that they are blinded with their conservative vision of the world.
Eminem is exactly the opposite of this US marine’s description. His lyrics to the brand-new song « Mosh » are here to open people’s consciences:
“Land of the free, Home of the brave
Bush makes it so the soldiers Home is a Grave
military life is emotions of grey
explosions smoke and rolling over boulders to stay
alive and they dive in the commotional way
parents cope with the pain, hope and they pray
its stupid to say
but its evident the president cares more about money then the youth of today”

Eminem wants you to understand that Bush is transforming America’s sons’ home into a huge cemetery. Young Americans sent to war live in a world of fear and constant explosions, death belongs to their daily landscape. Parents are also victims of such policy. What can replace a lost kid?
Marshall’s words are incisive and he goes straight to the goal: Bush’s interest for money is obvious, he doesn’t care about the youth.
Those things needed to be said. From the mouth of an American citizen.
A president acting like a dictator needs to be fought by courageous people. The whole hip hop movement is here to back Eminem against a government whose weaknesses are digging its own grave.
« Mosh » is a hot bomb that will be dropped on Bush’s government soon. Be ready for a great sensation. « Encore » promises to be explosive.