Why I don’t like sugarcoated singers

Many people like sugarcoated and sweet pop singers. I don’t.
You might be curious to know why. You might argue with me that sugarcoated artists generally have a sweet sounding voice, sweet looks and soft lyrics’
That’s right. But to me, those artists are totally fake, most of the time. They do sell an image, they don’t expose themselves. The only thing they fully expose is their fine bodies and their fake smiles.
If you take Britney Spears’ example, I wouldn’t grant her any musical talent. The main reason why she is so successful is her beautiful face and body.
She sounds so sweet. But the image of herself she exposes to her public is made of lies. Britney Spears is supposed to be a role model for little teenage girls, and what does she offer to them? Lies, only lies!
She lied about her virginity:
What else does she offer to her public? A fake wedding with Jason Alexander:
But Britney Spears is not the only pop artist to act like this. There are numerous equivalent behaviors from other pop artists.
Moreover, the sugarcoated seem to make people believe that we live in a world of sweetness and perfection, which is an illusion, particularly for na’ve kids: the world in which we live isn’t made of pink lollipops and sweet people.
Unfortunately, our world is also made of dramas, violence and messed up childhoods and artists shouldn’t only show the too much perfect side of their world vision.
I have immense respect for artists who have the courage to expose the truth and the ugly reality.
The sugarcoated artists I dislike most are the moralists. Religious freaks allow themselves to judge other people. More dangerous, they think they are invested by God in their task and would love to shut down anybody who disagrees with their vision of the world. Why don’t they start to show love first, instead of whining about the lack of love in this world? Groups like the ‘ Black Eyed Peas ‘ have shown much more hypocrisy through their songs than real feelings and emotions.
There are too many fake notions and concepts attached to the sugarcoated. Too many fake images that misrepresent their true personality are displayed in the media and it mainly explains my disgust of such pop stars.
Don’t misinterpret me: anybody has the right to like the music he or she wants. I’m just adding my two cen

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