Detroit’s Fat Killaz

Ever heard about the Detroit Fat Killaz? If you haven’t, you have probably heard about underground rapper King Gordy who played ‘ Big O ‘ in Eminem’s ‘ 8 Mile ‘ movie.
He is one of the four emcees from the local scene group. His three less known fellows are Fatt Father, MarvWon, Shim-E Bango. Maybe less known in the world, but they already managed to impress the Detroit local scene and they are even successful nationwide.
In a society that counts calories, being fat is beautiful and sexy in the Fat
Killaz’ eyes:
We want to be looked at as big sex symbols, with the ability to entertain and amaze crowds,’ (Fatt Father)
‘We love being fat. I think being fat is being sexy. We want to be the next fat phenomenon. ‘ (Shim E Bango)
This is how the concept of four fat artists’ collaboration came out:
“The idea for a concept about fat rappers came out of conversatio
ns after open mics. We thought about what we could do ,it was four different personalities. It’s a mixture. . . . When we get together it’s like one big meal.”
(Fatt Father)
King Gordy clearly expressed it: the Fat Killaz are Detroit’s new menace in hip hop: their ambition is to ‘ annihilate the rap game ‘.
The quartett has collaborated with the greatest Detroit artists, including D12 and Obie Trice.
MarWon describes himself as the ‘ incomparable Marvin ‘:
‘ Yo, this is the incredible, incomparable Marvin Wonderful. F. K. til the death day ya know what I’m sayin. I’m the phenom of the group, ya know I’m the phenom of the group. I been rhymin bout 4 years.. I’m lyrically top 5 in the country ya know what I’m sayin.. With the other three niggas bein in my group and maybe Em… Ya know, we make up the top 5. Killahz ya know what I’m sayin… We everything right now. ‘
You will be able to admire Marvwon from the Fat Killaz aka Marvin O’ Neil’s performance in the bonus footage of the 8 Mile DVD.
MarvWon who battled about 140 other rappers, had the chance to battle Eminem, who was not supposed not respond because he started having some problems with his voice. But Eminem decided that it was worth to challenge his adversary.
Marvin recalls the event:
‘ It was a shot where I was spinning it and Eminem was supposed to just pantomime his response. But he clicked on his mic and spun it back. He must have thought what I said was worthy enough to respond… He’s the best out there, there’s none better’ ‘
What summarizes better Detroit’s Fat Killaz? The answer is clearly their love for Detroit City:
‘ First of all, we love the city of Detroit. We love our city, we love the response we gettin, we love our fans for those of you who are our fans. We love our label. No Tyze Entertainment, put it in the air… Uhh fuck all you haters, death to you. ‘ (Fatt Father