“What I Do”, a Proof-Dogmatic collaboration

Although Mc Big Proof is Eminem’s best friend, he really needed to take some distance with Shady Records and release his own work with different record labels. Thats’ why Promatic is a Koch Records production from the Contra Music Label and “I Miss the Hip Hop Shop” was released at Iron First Records.
The Proof-Dogmatic song and video is an amusing comedy that won’t leave you indifferent.
As well as while watching or listening to Eminem, the video will require from you a solid sense of humor. Some parents might be shocked by Proof and Dogmatic’s numerous references to drugs, and particularly while Proof is sniffing some glue. Before getting mad at Proof and Dogmatic who -by the way- have manage to pervert a whole class and make drug addicts of them, take the video for what it is: a hilarious comedy.
The two friends who seem to be to old to be high school pupils show up in the middle of a classroom. The song is rebellious against parents and that’s exactly what makes it so funny. Listen to Kevin (Dogmatic):
‘ Oh, that’s just my dad, when I talk shit he gets mad (arrgh)
I took his .44 mag, I put that mag in my bag
Took it to school, so I can blast all you faggots (arcade shot)
I think my teacher’s on rag, cause when I’m in class
All that bitch do is just nag
Kevin do that, Kevin do this
I do what I wanna do, slut suck my dick!
I can school skip
I can put weed to my lips
I can pop E and take trips
I can flip scripts
Smack all the girls on they hips
Dress like a blood and yell, CRIP!
Steal daddy’s Remy and take sips
Drink on the back of the porch and break shit
Break all the windows in dad’s car and dip
Fuck stealing keys, ignitions get ripped ‘ ‘

While Kevin talks against his father, Deshaun will bag on his mom:
“What am I grounded for?
Tell me one good reason
Moms is a dirty whore
Twice she been caught cheatin’
Why should I go to school?
You never went to school
Beating me with a broom
Just coz I bent the rules
I hate mom and dad, making me so sad
(Tshawn, clean up your room now!) No fag
No batch, so sad thinkin I’ll mind you
Wanna kill you and hide you
Where nobody can find you
Time to curse you, for giving me curfew
Every time that you beat me
‘Till my body purple
No, I won’t listen mom
Why don’t you shut your mouth?
School I’ve been missing out
Kids trying to punk me out
What I learn manners for?
Maybe you raised me wrong
All kids that graze me wrong
Get crazy play this song
Then can I have some friends
Make me come in to play
Dad always touch my skin
Now I’ma run away ‘

The dialogue between Dogmatic and Proof is a never ending circle: none of them will listen to each other’
If you haven’t bought the Promatic album yet, you will be able to watch the video here:
Proof and Dogmatic clearly show their likes and dislikes. You guessed it: both are fond of weed and mushrooms. And if you don’t like it, both emcees will tell you to fuckoff.
Parents, relax a little bit if your kid is fond of the Promatic video: this won’t make a bad substance user of your kid. My 9 years old son is crazy over the ‘ What I Do ‘ video. He even understood that the use of glue was to make Proof ‘ get high ‘. He also understood that this example is, of course, not to follow. Trust your kids. They are cleverer than you think.
The ‘ What I Do ‘ video is incredibly good and original work based on an excellent duo collaboration. Dogmatic and his fellow Proof have introduced you in a true Detroit underground sound. Enjoy your stay while watching their great video.