D12 underground EP review

The D12 underground EP was released in 1997. The 10 track CD is Bugz’ first appearence on a CD.It will make you appreciate D12’s deceased member’s huge talent.
True D12 and hip hop lovers will appreciate the particular Detroit ghetto taste of D12’s underground EP.
The tape is also interesting for enlightening the D12’s individual talent. The sound of a bass is the background will give you a precise idea of the dark athmosphere of the Detroit streets.
The first track, “6 Reasons”, is an invitation not to mess with the Runyan Ave soldiers you already know. It also introduces you in their sick world of weapons, drugs and alcohol. The song is fullfilled with humor and you will probably enjoy sentences like these:
“I make hardcore groups like Wu Tang
Look like the Village People (fags)”

Don’t be amazed: Eminem is not named in the EP as a full part member, he only features some songs. In fact, Eminem became the sixth member of D12 at Bugz’ death. The group was facing a terrible loss (also artistically) and needed a creative new member. That’s how Slim Shady became an official D12 member.
The second song, Art Of War, is offensive and sarcastic as well. The D12 members want to show up with a brand bew and original rapping style, as it is summarized by the following sentence:
“Tired of niggas rapping the same
Talking the same, ya, hah
Living in the same place
What style is Proof gonna do this time?”

The D12 street soldiers will kill you verbally: the war on the mic has just begun. For those who ever doubted the D12 members individual talents, go listen to their underground EP. It will convice you of their genuine value as great gangsta rappers.
An aggressive Kon Artis will totally scare you in “Derelict Theme”. Don’t worry, it’s only for the show:
“I damage your neck
With the butt of the tech
Vandalous sex
Cuttin’ you ear to ear
With the razor of my Gillette
You couldn’t get respect
If you was a captain or a cadet
Granddaddy, daddy, or uncle who’s a Vietnam vet
I’ll battle you 50 deep
Solo artist shocker dead beat
Derelicts on the loose
Wylin’ like thugs outta prison with slugs
While y’all start screaming…”

“Chance To Advance” is a collaboration with Eye Kyu that also features Eminem. The best part of the song is certainly Bizarre’s part. You will recognize the ill rhymer you already know:
By any means necessary I’m on a killing spree
It’s the devil in me, intoxicated with brown Hennessy
Beware life ain’t fair and I don’t care
Cher braids my hair while her kids are in day-care
Two blunts and I’m out for lunch
Your whore said I’m here “Sugar pie, honey bunch”
This Bizarre kid, that ain’t the answer
You’re more uncomfortable than an anorexic cat with fucking cancer…”

If you’re fond of the typical Dirty Dozen sound and sense of humor, you probably gonna enjoy “Activity as Phuctivity”. It goes with the motto “Fuck everybody”.
“Filthy” will make you appreciate a younger Eminem with incisive skills. “Cock and Squeeze” will also make you enjoy Bugz who introduces the song:
“Gimme some hash
and when i trip nigga gimme ya mask
then after that lend me your mack and gimme your cash
that precious thing you call a life ill put an end to fast
get in your ass if you want have to leave and eagle mack (??)
you want a see-through class
dont take much to read you class
you broke as fuck and on the bus cuz your Regal smashed
this shit is lethal _
battle me i keep you mad
put you in a sleeper ,drag your ass to the reaper’s pad
either _
or feel the wrath of my heater that
lyric punches makin meters blast on your speaker rack
crib, club or anywhere where theres people at
they love my tape they couldnt care where they leaves yours at
your girl’s a rat
tell that ho im not gonna beep her back
dont need her black
got too many other needer-rats
who heater fat (??)
i bet your gal aint fuckin with my gat
im holdin lyrics sendin vocals at you locals cat
gone black
your more whack
than a gold sack
you shown dat
when you flowed
that’s a known fact
clone rap
suck a MC broad
need to pick another field, go out and find you a job
or either go out and rob
rappin’ aint to function
you out of place,
like a 2 of heart and 2 of diamond in a game of spades
while my innovative ways
set your lyrics to a blaze
put a grimace on ur grave
im in the Guiness on a page
of history
puttin sucka niggaz out they misery
its not a mystery
my victories are bodacious
it wouldn’t matter if the judge is racist
and i was battling your aces in your bitches bassment
im un-fuckwitible
thats literal
face it, the general
with senses of a senitle
holdin on my genitals
right before i send tha fo’s (fools)
down the earth like minerals
even after centerfolds
in videos, my ego goes
in cagnito hoes
from mosquito rolls
mean and biter
i hope you niggaz catch a case of arthrita
you aint no writer
it still dont even have a spider
Idea when you need me , we gonna worst turn into fighters
yea yea bitch
ya muthaphukkin biter
Cock And, Squeeze, Bust
Dirty Dozen dont fuck wit us
Detroit niggaz roll deep
hold heat and talk slick
yea yea bitch
stay off my dick…”

Bugz’ style is original and mixed up with ill wordplays. He was gifted and well weaponed as a battle MC.
The D12 underground EP will give you a better idea of the D12 crew’s beginning work which is genuine gangsta and definitly good quality work.You will be able to listen to it on the following website:

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  1. eminem is a great!!!!!!!!!! and d12 is the greatest group ever r.i.p bugz and proof

  2. My son Loves D12 as well as Eminem. He is autistic and will sit and listen to them for hours at a time if I let him!! He is dying for a cap with D12 on it like the ones they r wearing in videos. But I can’t find one anywhere!!! Would someone PLZ help me with a site so I can get one for him!! Thank you so much!!! This would be one happy young man if I can find one!!!!!

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