Who the fuck is DJ Babe?

DJ Babe is known for his collaboration with Eminem. Hip hop lovers have probably heard about the 7 Mile Road mixtape volume 7 that includes collaborations with Eminem, Obie Trice , Proof and Method Man. You will be able to listen to some tracks on the following website:
But do you know why DJ Babe gets called DJ ‘Babe’?
‘Babe was given to me by my grandmother. I was born on Jan. 1st, new Years Day as in BABY New Year. My original nickname was Baby, when I became a teen, my family just started calling me Babe, although a few of the older Aunts still call me Baby. I tried several DJ names, but everywhere I went,people kept calling me Babe, so it just stuck.’
(DJ Babe)

You may not know it, but besides Eminem, DJ Babe has collaborated with many artists of the Detroit local scene like Miz Corona, Obie Trice, Proof, Mr Wrong and many more:
‘I’ve worked with a gang of people in Detroit, that’s what makes my mixtapes so popular, if you are hot in Detroit, most likely you’ve been on my CDs. I’ve worked with The Fat Killahz, Miz Korona, Obie Trice, Raw
Collection, Big Herk, Proof, Ill Uno, Cash Kola, Anomaly, and damn near 100 more people! My man Cobb, who does tracks for a gang of MCs as well worked with me on several CDs too.’

If you have the curiosity to listen to DJ Babe’s mixtapes, you will enjoy the quality of the Detroit artist who will make you enjoy the 313 sound.
The Detroit local hip hop scene is composed of the hottest artists and it deserves more recognition. That’s why it is a valuable experience to focus an interest not only on Detroit mainstream artists, but also on the boiling Detroit underground scene that won’t leave you indifferent: it is full of talented rappers who deserve to be known better. That’s also DJ Babe’s opinion:
‘Detroit has always gotten props for its music, its Motown! We slacked off bad for awhile, but peeps gotta know that Detroit continued to produce R&B stars. Anita Baker, Aaliyah, Brownstone, to producers Tim & Bob (countless R&B joints), Mike Powell (Anita, Aretha, SWV), Mario Winans, and the new guys Kem & Dwele. Eminem definitely set the wheels rolling again, along with Kid Rock and Insane Clown Posse, but then when we were known as the home of white boy rap. Slum Village has a huge following, then there’s the huge underground following of Phat Kat, Natas and Esham. My mans Obie Trice is next up to bat and Denaun from D12 has been producing tracks for the likes of Busta Rhymes, Xzibit, Dr. Dre, Rakim and a few others. But we have some hot guys coming out, The Fat Killahz have a huge buzz in the streets, King Gordy – who happens to be a Fat Killa as well, Street Lordz and Chedda Boyz sell about 15-20,000 here alone. Rock Bottom sells well, their last release did about 10,000. The previous about 25,000 copies. Jay Dee has his thing poppin, and a guy from his camp Wajeed, has the Bling47 crew coming. My manz Lacks is selling like madd overseas, through Groove Attack Records. So, Detroit is definitley poppin. Oh yea, can’t forget about my man Royce Da 5’9, Trick Trick – notorious for whooping Trick Daddy’s ass, Drunken Master formely of FUBU Records and Vishiss, coming out on Dreamworks Records.’
DJ Babe is very much appreciated for his turntable work and he earned along with other local DJ’s like DJ Househoes a nomination at the annual Detroit Music Awards in April 2004.
What does DJ Babe intend to improve in the Detroit local scene? Certainly the mixtape scene:
‘I want Detroit to have a real mixtapepresence. The mixtape scene sucks here, the consumer doesn’t know what a real mixtape is, if you don’t play the whole record, they get mad, if they never heard of the artist, they don’t wanna buy it. All they want is the bootlegs, the compilations, and then say they have the latest mixtapes,that’s not a mixtape – its a compilation! Retailers are just as backwards.They don’t give mixtapes the props due when the shit can actually sell better than commercial releases especially at a time when the industry sucks. So my mission is to establish that here, establish my company, Illegal Entertainment, hell mixtapes are illegal in the eyes of the RIAA, so fuck it – Illegal Entertainment. I can’t get any plainer than that. Also to establish myself deeper in the industry. It’s hard when you are not full time on the radio, having the call letters behind you, labels tend to sit on their asses longer, but I have to keep the grind on.’
DJ Babe’s work give us a idea of Detroit artists’ various and rich collaborations. Be that curious and have a look!