Slim Shady EP review

Have you ever listened to the Slim Shady EP?
No, not the Slim Shady LP. I mean Eminem’s former 10 tracks EP. If you haven’t, you will be able to listen to it and to download the full EP on the following website:
The Slim Shady EP is indeed a dope album: major hip hop fans won’t be disappointed by Eminem’s brilliant debut work.
The intro leads you into a world of horrorcore: Eminem gets theatened by the devilish character of Slim Shady who asks him to look into the mirror. A terrorized Eminem is confronted to the ill character who opened the doors to his fame.
Be ready for some great entertainment.
‘Low Down Dirty’ is a well made description of Slim Shady’s dirty world of sex, drugs and violence. The attentive listener will immediatly understand that Slim Shady represents Eminem’s dark side. In fact, Slim Shady is to Eminem what Mr Hyde is to Dr Jekyll, as the lyrics point it out:
‘I’m Dr. Hyde and Mr. Jekyll, disrespectful
Hearing voices in my head while these whispers echo
“Murder Murder Redrum”

If you have watched movies like ‘The Exorcist’ and ‘Amityville’, you will certainly enjoy Eminem’s introduction into Slim Shady’s demonic world.
You will also enjoy Eminem’s ill rhymes and his well made wordplays.
‘Murder Murder’- which was, by the way, praised by the Source Magazine- is one of the best songs of the EP. Don’t miss it.
Tupac is followed by Swifty in the chorus, both artists combined give a particularly interesting dimension to the song. The whole song is great gangsta rap where Eminem appears (you guessed it right) as a bad thug.
Many people focus an interest on Eminem’s best known and most played songs. But it is worth taking a look at his underground work. Major Eminem fans and real hip hop lovers will be amazed by the great quality of Eminem’s earlier Slim Shady EP. My advice: if you haven’t done it yet, check it out!

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  1. ive never actually heard the slim shady ep but i own most of his albums an have been searchin the internet for the album an tryin to download it but its difficult to find the sites the perfect

  2. I know it is kinda difficult to find a download link to the Slim Shady EP…it was easier a few years ago, though…keep searching through google, i am pretty sure you might find a link through an Eminem or hip hop forum…

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