More rare info about D12 members’ family

Many Eminem fans probably know that Marshall’s parents used to belong to a band called ‘Daddy Warbucks’. But did they even guess that Proof’s father produced the great singer Marvin Gaye?
In fact Deshaun Holton’s father has collaborated with many artists:
‘My dad’s a crack head. My father had a group called The Politicians and he produced The Jones Girls.He produced Marvin Gaye,he produced Tower of Power,he did some shit with Rare Earth or Ohio Players. He did a lot of work back in the day.He did Holland and Dozier stuff. My father was doing it.’
Denaun Porter’s father used to belong to a famous gospel group called “The Five Blind Boys Of Alabama”. He stopped his musical career when Kon Artis’ mom was pregnant:
‘When I was in my mama’s stomach, my dad stopped his career to come and raise me. And but for him doing that, I wouldn’t be there. So I’m taking the torch from my dad because he didn’t get to spread the wings the way he wanted to, but he can spread his wings through me.’
Kon Artis is very proud of his father:
‘My dad has always been a superstar to me.’
When Kon Artis uses the name ‘Mr Porter’ in some songs, there is always a clear reference to his beloved father.
Three of our well known D12 members had parents who were involved with music and music production.
Five of them are family fathers.
We all know about Marshall’s little Hailie Jade. Swifty has three kids and Kuniva had his second daughter, Tamia, in April 2004.
Proof is the proud dad of two kids.
Bizarre, who is the only D12 member who doesn’t currenly live in Detroit but in Atlanta, has two kids.
Bizarre claims that his own childhood was good, but his teenage years seem to have been living hell. Why? Because his mom decided to become a Jehovah’s Witness:
‘I had a nice upbringing, but from the age of fourteen to eighteen, my mom decided to be a Jehovah’s Witness. So I had no rated R movies, kinda like Ja Rule, but not faking it. No sex, no girlfriends, but after the fact that I was already doing this and then had to stop because my mother wanted to do.’
The only D12 member who doesn’t have any kids for the moment is Kon Artis.