Rapper Eminem’s ex-wife arrested at Weber’s Inn

Kimberly Mathers reportedly missed drug treatment
Wednesday, 16, 2004
News Staff Reporter
The ex-wife of rapper Eminem was arrested at an Ann Arbor hotel Tuesday, two months after a felony warrant was issued for her arrest for an alleged probation violation on a drug conviction, authorities said.
A tip led police to Weber’s Inn on the city’s west side after a caller reported that Kimberly Mathers was staying there and was possibly wanted on a warrant, Ann Arbor Police Lt. Michael Logghe said.
Officers saw a woman they believed was 28-year-old Mathers walking from the back door of the room toward the pool and back to the room, and when they asked her name, she said “Julie,” Logghe said. She initially refused to let officers into her room and shut the door, but she eventually allowed an officer inside and admitted she was Mathers, Logghe said.
It’s unclear how long Mathers had been staying at the hotel.
An felony probation violation warrant for Mathers was issued by a Macomb County judge in April when she failed to return to a court-ordered drug treatment program. Mathers pleaded guilty to cocaine possession in January and was ordered to serve 30 days in the county jail and then transfer to an inpatient substance abuse treatment program for an additional 90 days.
After she was arrested, Mathers was turned over to authorities in Macomb County, Logghe said.
Mathers and Eminem, whose legal name is Marshall Bruce Mathers III, have a daughter named Hailie Jade Mathers.