A couple of cowards against Eminem

Hailie Jade, Eminem’s daughter is one of the most popular kids in the music industry. The world knows her since she is 2 and a half. The song ‘ 97’ Bonnie and Clyde ‘ is Hailie’s first introduction into the world of music.
In Eminem’s music, Hailie personifies the innocence, the love and the complicity she shares with her devoted Daddy. By using his daughter’s voice, Marshall wants to show the whole world how much proud he is of her. It is also an expression of gratitude towards the little girl, whose birth increased her father’s will to become a rapper.
Hailie is only 8 years old, but she already has some adult enemies. Why ? Simply because she is Marshall’s daughter. Some adult rappers have decided to diss her in their hateful war of words against Eminem, with the intention to defeat the best MC. Because they perfectly know that words against his daughter will involve a lot of feelings and emotions, they think that those poisened words will bring him down and defeat him.
How would you describe grown men who dare attacking an innocent little girl ?
I’d call them cowards and losers with no life.
The first to target Hailie in a song in 1999 is New York rapper Everlast who became Eminem’s enemy because he thought Marshall refused to greet him. In one of his songs, he makes a dicrete and indirect allusion to Marshall’s little girl (who was only 4 years old at this time) :
“Cock my hammer, spit a comet like Halley.”
Marshall fired back in the well known D12 song ‘ Quitter ‘ :
‘Quitter and you bitter cuz I came along
And your days of house of pain are gone
If you talk about my little girl in a song again
I’ma kill you (I’ma kill you)…’

Everlast’s attacks against Hailie were followed by more vicious and mean attacks. Detroit underground rapper Esham dared talking about ‘putting Hailie’ in a coma in a song called ‘Chemical Imbalance’:
‘They won’t let me on MTV I’d beat up Carson Daly
And remind Eminem of D’Angelo Bailey
Haley’s in a coma, Haley’s in a coma
I smell the aroma, of a dead body
Chemi-cal imbalance Chemi-cal imbalance
Chemi-cal imbalance Chemi-cal imbalance
Drugs, thugs, slugs, niggaz get plugged
At a early age up in Detroit, nigga what?!’

As Swifty pointed it out in a former interview, this looks more like a desperate publicity stunt attempt than anything else.
It is also so obvious that Ja Rule and Benzino’s motivations are jealousy and personal ambitions.
Ja Rule went mad his rival 50 Cent was signed to Shady Records. He intended his attack to be personal and thought he had hit Marshall at a crucial point while saying:
‘Em you claim your mother’s a crackhead and Kim is a known slut
So what’s Hailie gonna be when she grows up?’

He probably put a lot of intellectual efforts in building this little rhyme, because he is well known for his grammatically weak sentences. Little did you know, Ja Rule, that you would dig your own grave while writing your sarcastic sentence against Hailie. Eminem did not only fire back at you with his whole D12 crew and Obie Trice, Hailie Jade also made fun of you when she asked her amused Dad:
Hailie: ‘Daddy is Ja Rule taller than me? ‘
You guessed the answer:
Eminem: ‘No honey you guys are the same size’
Benzino, who -by the way- is Ja Rule’s ally also dissed Hailie badly. He talked about raping and killing her.
In ‘Die Another Day’, he threatens Hailie’s life, which is more than despicable:
‘Tell Haley it ain’t safe no more (nah)
Daddy better watch yo’ back at the candystore
We Fucked up, resort to plan B
Fuck around she and up like Jon Benet Ramsey (that’s right)
Matter of fact you better check the DNA (what)
She probably ain’t yours, and where’s your wife Kim anyway
She’s on her knees somewhere suckin’ 50 Cent’.

Those four supposedly grown men who dissed Hailie have something in common: their lyrical weakness. They might have dissed Marshall’s daughter verbally, but they were quite unable to make a good lyrical diss. Marshall perfectly knows the weakness of his enemies and he did a particular good job in firing back at them.
Ja Rule’s diss against Hailie has been discussed on many places like public forums, for instance. Many people, even people who are not Eminem lovers expressed how much they were chocked by Ja Rule’s behavior towards Hailie.
One comment attracted my attention, though. A person seemed to be happy because of Hailie’s diss and she said that ‘after all, Marshall was dissing an innocent person like Christopher Reeves’, so she didn’t mind Hailie being dissed. In fact, this person didn’t understand that Eminem’s attack is principally directed against Lynn Cheney’s concept of political correctness much more than against Christopher Reeves himself, as well as his attacks against Britney Spears target the fake world of pop artists in general.
People need to read Eminem’s lyrics between the lines. Eminem has consistant things to say, but people need to take his statements at a second degree to fully get his lyrics.
Any kid in this world is like an angel. Little kids are innocent and candid beings. You can’t touch this, unless being a monster. Hate Marshall, diss him if you don’t lik

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  1. I can`t believe that guy dissed Hailie! I`m a kid myself so I kinda understand what she`s going through! It would be very scary for me too for someone to diss me like that and anyone who thinks differently shouldn`t because if you were a kid how would you feel if someone came up to you and said I will rape you then murder you just because they hated your dad that`s cruel so why do you guys say that to us kids! That`s not fair for Hailie or anyone for that matter these people are twice the age she is it`s NOT fair! Also if you think it is so funny it`s not!

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