Detroit Mc Lazarus

Have you ever heard about Detroit Mc Lazarus?
If your answer is no, don’t worry. A few days ago, I didn’t know about him either.
Kamran Rasheed Khan aka Lazarus was born between Deaborn and Detroit on July the 17th 1982. He was born in America from Pakistanese parents.
He is a gifted rapper who brings in a new Detroit sound.
You gotta love this MC, because he’s a 100% authentic and skilled MC.
I have watched him in a freestyle battle and I felt like being brought back to the hot atmosphere of the 8 Mile battles.
Kamran Rasheed Khan’s nickname Lazarus is linked with resurrection and power. Lazarus’ voice will help to do away with many stereotypes that people have about Islamic people and religion. His album is another argument in favor of a multicultural society and a constant fight against racism. As he states it in his video ‘Lazarus, the birth of a Legend’, he came to break stereotypes. His words also target President Bush who seems to consider each man from the Middle East as a potential terrorist.
Lazarus will impress you with his lyrics, because you will feel a similar verbal explosion that you can feel while listening to Eminem. His rapid flow and the way he handles words and sentences is impressing.
You will learn more about him on his official website where you will be able to download some of his music:
Remember this name: Lazarus. He’s the new revelation in hip hop.

6 thoughts on “Detroit Mc Lazarus”

  1. Yo Lazarus, a paki rapper born in USA, im living in pakistan n got his tracks from underground source, cos no 1 knows abt lazarus here in pak…
    Tha tracks are really impressive with nice chorus…
    he can do much better than that…..
    I m a rapper here in Pakistan..n producting rap mucis….and arethe 1st rap procution company in Pakistan..
    our Website
    Lazarus need ur tracks in the market n comercialize…u doing a nice job …

  2. well i think hes ight i heard his music, hes pakistan huh, dang i wunder wut modive he had to become a rapper?

  3. ^ He hasn’t stopped rapping entirely. A lot of people don’t know this about him, but he’s also a medical doctor. As a general surgeon, I’m sure he doesn’t get too much time to make music.

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