Eminem’s early talent

Many people will argue that Eminem wouldn’t have been noticed by the public without Dr Dre.
If it is true that the talented rapper and producer has influenced Eminem’s destiny for a large part, it is also true that Eminem had managed to impress some people on the local Detroit scene and even at school.
Among them, the Bass brothers, DJ Lisa Lisa and his former drafting class teacher.
Of course, Eminem has learnt a lot of technique from Dr Dre, but his ability to rap is a real gift. The way Marshall handles words and sentences is extraordinary.
Lisa Lisa recalls her open mic sessions on Detroit radio WHYT-FM. She had noticed Eminem and he used to be one of her favorites:
‘He was probably one of my top five rappers. But his style was nothing like it is now. He was kind of comical. He would always have a lyric or two that would make all of us bust out laughing.”
I didn’t know who Lisa Lisa was until I saw her on Todd Nelson’s video tape ‘The Man Behind The Mask’ where she expressed about how she had noticed Marshall at his early starts.
She remembers a shy and nice person, but also somebody very serious in the work he did:
“He was like a perfectionist. He would work with the producer mixing the track right up to the last minute before he would have to go on.”You will find some infos on Lisa Lisa on her website:
Marshall’s friends who constantly work with him know it is true.
Bob Blair, Eminem’s former drafting class teacher was also impressed by Marshall’s talent. He recalls Marshall rapping at the school talent show:
“I would give anything to have a tape of that’
Bob Blair will also confirm that Marshall was a nice and well behaved young man:
‘He was a nice, quiet kid who had a group of friends and blended right in, I knew Marshall Mathers. I never knew Eminem or Slim Shady (Em’s alter ego).”
The Bass Brothers, who were both used to work mostly with black artists, simply because they were better changed their mind when they heard a young white rapper freestyling at a local radio show in 1992. Eminem’s rhyming skills had impressed the Bass Brothers who are still collaborating with him.
Nobody could describe Eminem’s early talent than insiders who have known him since he was a teenager.One thing is sure: Eminem was born to rap.
Marshall Mathers is a hardworking artist who hasn’t stopped improving his style since he started rapping. Each album is better than the preceding one. I guess his next album, which shall be entit

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