Detroit underground artists who have collaborated with Eminem and D12

The Detroit underground is rich of various talents and artists. Many Detroit underground emcees have collaborated with Eminem and his D12 crew. Let’s have a short look at four of them :
King Gordy
8 Mile lovers will probably remember the scene where rapper Big O (King Gordy) talks with DJ Bushman in the studio at the very moment when Jimmy discovers Alex cheating on him.
You gotta love King Gordy’s wicked style. The rapper, who defines himself as an ‘ entity ‘ has realeased his debut album called ‘ The Entity ‘ in 2003.
Sarcastically called by Eminem ‘ the fattest Burger Killer ‘, King Gordy’s style has something in common with Slim Shady. King Gordy talks about dark subjects like depression. He defines himself as the ‘ ghetto Edgar Allan Poe ‘, because his lyrics are very close to scary tales :
‘I’m hip hop with a rock and roll twist, the ghetto Edgar Allen Poe.’
King Gordy is real in his emotions and feelings and he wants to share what he’s going through with his fans:
“Sometimes I feel real violent, sometimes I feel real dark and depressed, and that’s what I write about usually.Especially if that’s what the beat’s calling for. I’m not happy, so I can’t make happy songs. My fans want to feel me, feel my emotions, feel what I go through.”
Artists from Shady Records such as Eminem, Bizarre and Obie Trice have collaborated with King Gordy. The songs ‘Situations’ (featuring Obie Trice), ‘Time To Die’ (featuring Bizarre of D12) and ‘The Mask’ are good examples of their artistic collaboration.
Bareda aka Mr Wrong
Bareda is native from Detroit and he started his career as a member of DaRabeez (Swifty Mc Veigh’s group).
He released the single ‘ Beat Don’t Stop ‘.
Bareda has collaborated with numerous atists such as Cee-Lo of the Goodie Mob, Twista, Ja Rule and Memphis Bleek.
He also went on tour with Outkast.
In 1999, Bareda joined the Lyricist Lounge Show as a writer and also as an actor. He used to live in LA, but since his return to Detroit City, he took the nickname ‘ Mr Wrong ‘. Bareda formed the Raw Collection with his fellow Swifty Mc Veigh from D12.
Uncle Ill
As his nickname points it out so well, Uncle Ill is one of the illest underground emcees of Detroit.
Uncle Ill began rapping at the age of 12.
As well as Eminem, Uncle Ill has been influenced a lot by Ice T.
He has worked with well known Detroit artists such as Kid Rock and Eminem.
Uncle Ill has collaborated with Detroit rapper MC Hush to create the group Da Ruckus. Uncle Ill has released ‘If The Beef’, ‘We Shine’ with Eminem and ‘Paperchase’ with D12’s Swifty.
Uncle Ill has collaborated with producer Mad Chemist and has recorded an album at Silent Records, a company that is directed by Marc Kempf (Eminem’s former manager).
Uncle Ill has some energic beats and a strong and entertaining voice.
‘When I heard the strength of Uncle Ill’s songwriting and production’ and his voice is better than ever, I knew this would be a hit.” (Marc Kempf)
DJ Butter
DJ Butter, born Barry Yett is a Detroit producer, CEO and a DJ at the same time.
His first album was called ‘ Kill The DJ ‘ and it featured numerous artists such Eminem, Paradime, Almighty Dreadnaughtz and Royce Da 5’9″.
DJ Butter started Djing when he was 12.
He used to be D12’s first DJ in 1999. He has produced more than 200 Detroit artists including MC Corona (the female MC who plays in 8 Mile), King Gordy and Obie Trice.
DJ Butter has released a hip hop documentary : a DVD that contains interviews of Eminem, Obie Trice and Slum Village.
“The documentary is about unity before money and after money.I just rap about my pain. I rap about bringing Detroit together. There’s a lot of chaos in Detroit.”
(DJ Butter)

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