Debbie Mathers’ recent reconciliation attempt with Marshall

A mom is making desperate attempts to reconcile with her son. She is dying of breast cancer. A dramatic situation. This woman happens to be Eminem’s mom.
In a recent article from ‘The Mirror’, she claims: ‘I am dying of cancer but my son Eminem won’t pay to save me’:
Debbie loses weight every day. She faces banktrupcy over the medical fees for her cancer treatment. Moreover, she is heartbroken because her son Marshall remains angry with her.
Is Marshall a monster for leaving his mom alone in such dramatic situation? Certainly not. Marshall is an abused child who is still hurt by what his mom did to him when he was a kid. Of course, he has exorcised most of the demons from his past in songs like ‘Cleaning Out My Closet’, but deep inside he must still feel wounded. Many kids wouldn’t have overcome such circumstances. Luckily, Marshall did.
Some of his detractors often argue that Debbie is treated badly by her son Marshall because he’s a blatent mysogynist- which is untrue.
Debbie always wants to appear a a perfect mom in front of the media. Each time I have seen her on TV, her language clearly showed how much she wanted to prove which kind of good and overprotective mom she was towards her first son. The trouble is, many facts dement her statements as well as many people such as Kim and her former husbands and boyfriends witness the contrary.
So many people who used to live with Debbie or who knew her personnaly can testify how sick her behavior was.
Also, which mom would dare suing her own son for a total amount of 12 million dollars and then claim she never intented to sue him, that it was Kim’s fault?
‘I never intended to sue my son. The lawsuit was my attempt to hold on to my home. I’d given Marshall my trailer to rent when I moved back to Missouri. But Kim fell behind with the payments. I figured I had to sell it to pay the debt, but she wouldn’t let me. She threatened me with a lawyer, so I consulted one myself. Then the whole thing just escalated. The first thing I knew, I swear, was when Marshall rang me and said, ‘Mom, why are you suing me for $10 million?’ I nearly fell over. It was ludicrous. Then word got out and the world saw me as an evil bitch from hell. What mother sues her own son? I was cursed in public, spat at in shopping malls.’
Debbie always expected Marshall to apologize. Did I understand well? Yes, Debbie wants Marshall to apologize. For abusing him? For denouncing true facts about Debbie in his lyrics?
Maybe this is precisely where the problem lies: Debbie doesn’t want to admit her fault which is exactly what hurts Marshall so much and maybe the main reason why he doesn’t manage to forgive her:
See what hurts me the most is you won’t admit you was wrong…’ (Eminem, Cleaning Out My Closet’)
Many Eminem fans may think that Eminem doesn’t talk to his mom any more, but it is untrue. No matter how bad their relationship may be, they are both still in touch.
Debbie feels the urge to reconcile with Marshall, she is very conscious that her life may end soon. Despite all that happened between mom and son, Marshall needs to realize the emergency of the situation: his mom may die soon and it is always horrible to cope with the death of relatives without any sign of forgiveness. But Debbie, just one question: Why don’t you admit you were wrong with your son?
If you were honest enough to admit your mistakes, you’d recover the son you pretend to love so mu

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