Facts about Kuniva

D12 member Kuniva has many aliases. He is also known as Hannz G aka Rondell Beene. His real name is Van Carlisle.
He was born in Detroit on December the 10th 1976. He and Kon Artis belong to the group Da Brigade.
It is known that Kuniva battled Eminem in a freestyle battle to prove his credibility.
He won the 2000 Underground Young Gun Award for ‘Funky Fresh In The Flesh’.
D12 member Kuniva doesn’t like to talk to much, but rather to observe people’s conversations:
‘It’s best to remain silent and be thought of as stupid, then to open your mouth and remove all doubt.’ (Kuniva)
Like his other D12 fellows, Van Carlisle is attached to Detroit:
I’m proud of where I’m from. Detroit has been overlooked for so many years as far as hip-hop and there’s a lot of talent here. Just like Eminem came back and got us, we want to do the same thing with other artists. It’s about being somebody
and doing something with yourself.”

Besides their hard work, one of the D12 crew’s main goals is the promotion of their hometown and to make people discover some other local talents made in Rock City.
Kuniva, who states that the D12 crew is “here to bring the sick, the obscene, the disgusting”, has contributed to the success of the best rap group of all times: D12.