Debbie Mathers feels sorry for James Antonio Knott

January the 22nd, Detroit, 8 Mile Road. A woman gets carjacked by a young man. A very common situation at 8 Mile Road. The only difference is that the woman sitting in the car is known by the public. She is even one of the most hated women in Detroit : Eminem’s mom, Debbie Mathers.
The incident took place around 11 :30 while Debbie was sitting in her honda accord. She was pumping gas at a B.P when a teenager approched her car, holding a silver gun. He forced her and her dog our of the car. It is known that Debbie suffered injuries : bruises, a broken foot, neck pain and insomnia.
Eminem’s mom has been shocked by the incident : ‘ this is something that doesn’t just go away overnight, ‘ Debbie Mathers says.
The police found Debbie’s attacker and identified him as James Antonio Knott, a local teen from Detroit. When he attacked her, he had no idea of her identity.
Quoting Sgt Frank slone of the Oak Park police :
‘ I think this was just a random carjacking. This has been happening in this area. ‘
Police arrested Knott after he got stuck in the traffic about a mile from the gas station.
Accoring to Lt John Mc Neilance of the Oak Park Public safety department, Knott forced Debbie out of the car.
When the tragic incident happened, Marshall was shooting his video in LA and he couldn’t be reached by his mom.
When she eventually got to talk to him, he reacted badly and was angry with his mom :
‘ Look bitch, of all places for this to go down, Eight Mile Road, where my movie was filmed ! Couldn’t you pick another place for this to happen ? ‘
I guess that if she could have choosen, Debbie wouldn’t have wanted this event to have taken place in her life.
Eminem’s mom wants her attacker to be punished. But she also feels sorry for him. Isn’t she a bit contradictory ? Is that just another publicity stunt to attract people’s attention on her case ?
Debbie has been followed by bad luck in the last years.
She had legal battles with Marshall who gave a true description of her addiction in his songs. But she never won those battles. Simply because there is no defamation in telling the truth.
She’s currently battling with cancer and she cannot afford the costs for an operation. And now being carjacked’
We may not doubt Debbie’s sincerity for once. Why ?
I think that Debbie shows concern for Knott’s case, because she knows that a 16 years old boy may face 10 to 18 years in jail for his action. I think that she is very conscious that in Knott’s case the sentence may be harder for a man with a dark skin. 8 Mile Road, as Eminem’s movie talks about, is also the place for racial segregation and discrimination.

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  1. I am curious why she was on 8 mile anyway. I have been down there it is not a pretty site. A person who lived in a decent place like Warren wouldn’t even think of going to 8 mile. If I heard correctly it was 8 mile and gratiot, a real shit hole.

  2. Chris, are you for real? since when is Warren a “decent” place? it is just a white ghetto, nothing’s great about it…to your info, Debbie used to live accross 8 Mile, on the black side, because she couln’t afford a higher rent.

  3. maybe she felt sorry for me because i didn’t actually rob her i was with the guy who robbed her but wasnt actually the robber. Maybe it was because they didnt catch the person who had all of her belongings, have you ever asked the question where was her purse that was took or all the things she had in her trunk. i didnt actually rob her dumb ass……………

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