Eminem’s uncle in desperate need of money

So many family members or Eminem insiders are trying to get money out of the talented rapper’s pockets. Some of them, like J. R Watkins, write books hoping that the scandals and private info contained in their books will help to sell their material better.
Some others are dropping lawsuits. It looks like everbody wants a part of the cake. Those people are pityful and Eminem lovers should be very cautious not to give them any penny nor any cent.
Todd Nelson has found out an easier way than his sister Debbie to make money on Eminem’s back. He also seems to be in a desparate quest of dollars.
He is displaying a lot of personal and private info about his nephew in magazines like the ‘ Star magazine ‘ and gets paid for it. But he doesn’t seem to get enough money from it. Or maybe his appetite for money has grown. So he is selling things that used to belong to Marshall, like his former drawing. He even sold the house in Timken where Eminem has spent some time with him on ebay because of ‘ his financial problems ‘ :
But Eminem’s former home didn’t sell, despite higher bids :
The man would sell his dignity as well if he could.
I would be ashamed in his place to expose my nephew’s sex life for money :
I think I couldn’t look at myself into the mirror if I had acted this way. It seems like Eminem’s uncle Todd has no dignity and no sense of loyalty. I guess that deep inside he m