Slim shady and his crew go on war against censorship in music

In the D12 song “Rap Game”, Eminem disses Dolores Tucker and Lynn Cheney a bad way. None of both women will be able to escape to Eminem’s bullets and Slim Shady drives them mad on purpose. Slim Shady and his fellows have started a war with no mercy against corporatist censorship. Why ? Because people like Delores Tucker and Lynn Cheney want to force people how to think and how to act. Lynn Cheney’s concept of political correctness, for instance, is useless, as far as I am concerned.
Delores Tucker has started a holy crusade against gangsta rap, because she thinks gangsta rap attacks vulnerable groups of people. And she dares making a parallel with Jewish people :
You will learn more about her on this website:
Mrs Tucker is not afraid of a public exposure of her sexual life and she claims Tupac ruined her sex life :
Gangsta rap is so often attacked by the same kind of (rich) conservative and religious integrists who live their comfortable lives and have no idea of the reality of the neighborhoods.
Gangsta rap is reflection of real life. Conservative people usually prefer to hide reality for their own benefits.They are totally blind to the message contained in gangsta rap. They spend their whole time in their comfortable offices while Blacks get humiliated and killed by the police. They ignore underground people’s allday difficulties, pain and misery, they do as if white trash people didn’t exist. The ‘ American Dream ‘ is demented by the people they despise.
Eminem, the ‘ white menace of America ‘ is here to piss them off, again and again. His engagement and his loyalty towards black people deserve a lot of admiration. Marshall helps white people from the suburbs to understand ghetto life and black people’s pain. White America needed a true spokesman.
Engagement is important in a society in which human rights are constantly denied. Shutting down political rappers endangers our freedom of speech and thus, our fundamental rights.
About Delores Tucker, Eminem says in ‘ Rap Game ‘ :
‘ I’m all for America, fuck the government
Tell that C. Delores Tucker slut to suck a dick’ ‘

The Bush administration doesn’t get the lyrics of gangsta rap, it’s obvious. Slang isn’t really familiar to them. Eminem’s recent song ‘ We As Americans ‘ has been so misunderstood that the FBI investigated if Eminem was a real threat for president Bush’s life. Just because the Bush administration didn’t get the slang term ‘ dead President ‘ which is a metaphor for ‘ money ‘. How far should we push stupidity ?
In the same ‘ Rap Game ‘ song, Bizarre makes fun of people who want to censor music for kids :
‘ My little girl, she shouldn’t listen to these lyrics
That’s why I glued her headphones to her ear to make sure she hear it’ ‘

What is Bizarre trying to say ? Probably the same thing than Eminem in ‘ Who Knew ‘ :
‘ Get aware, wake up, get a sense of humor
Quit tryin to censor music, this is for your kid’s amusement’ ‘

People like Delores Tucker are trying to censor artists like Snoop Dogg, Tupac and Marilyn Manson. Eminem is also her target. She even called him ‘ the reincarnation of Tupac ‘. Tupac that she hates and despises.
Hip hop is always getting censored by people who have no idea of what is going on in the ghetto. People who have never suffered and ‘ who have no idea what is like to be broke as a fuck ‘. The same people who have everything want to shut down the voice of people who have nothing at all and whose life is a constant struggle.
Hip hop is the voice of oppressed black people, hip hop is the fight for more justice. Rap music has helped a lot for a better understanding of black people and has improved interracial relations between people. Men like Eminem have also contributed to that task for a large part.
Don’t censor music. Don’t censor the artists. They will keep on