“Shit On You” song

‘ Shit On You ‘ has probably angered a lot of people, but I guess the most offended were certainly feminist groups.
Eminem has been protested and demonstrated against by some intolerant groups, because of the misinterpretation of his lyrics :
This is a typical statement that comes from a feministic website :
‘ Occasionally, the level of hatred aimed at women will rise to a degree that earns attention’for better or worse. Critics have debated the misogyny of Eminem’s lyrics, yet his songs about rape and violence continue to sell millions of records. ‘
The song is misogynistic on purpose :
‘ And all women ain’t SHIT
Only good for cooking cleaning and sucking dick- And that’s it (I said it)’ ‘

What Bizarre expresses in those few lines is nearly equivalent to what Marshall says in his song ‘ Business ‘ :
‘ ‘there’s no such thing, like a female with good looks, who cooks
and cleans’ ‘

The question is : I am a woman. Should I feel offended by those lyrics ? Should I feel demeaned or insulted by Eminem and his fellows ?
My answer is clearly no.
Why ?
First, because I got a sense of humor.
Second, because I know that those lines are ‘ nuttin’ but music ‘, those are words on the mic and they don’t necessarly reflect the entertainers’ point of view in real life.
Third, if you take a look at ‘ Shit On You ‘, you will clearly understand that Bizarre and Eminem are pissing off a specific category of women on purpose. Feminists from activists groups are targetted in particular :
‘ A lot of people say misogynistic which is true
I don’t deny it- matter of fact I stand by it
So please stand by at the start of a damn riot
If you don’t wanna get stampeded then stand quiet (that’s)
Boy girl dog woman man child’ ‘

It’s sad, but there will always be narrow minded people, even at University :
Accusing Eminem an his fellows from D12 to be misogynistic men is far too simplistic. It is so easy to misunderstand them at first sight. But open your eyes : the D12 group didn’t invent misogyny nor is the group responsible for any kind of demeaning behavior against women. What is expressed in Eminem and his fellows’ lines is a parody of some typical masculine behavior towards women. While watching the video of ‘ Shit On You ‘, Bizarre is so funny while saying those lines, that you immediatly understand that his statement must be taken at a second degree.
Eminem knows that he will shock people, but he doesn’t write his rhymes with the only purpose to shock people :
“I do say things, that i think will shock people, but i dont do things, that will shock people.’
‘Shit On You’ expresses a disgust of society and its hypocrisy. It points out its failures. The D12 ‘don’t give a fuck’ if you like their words, if you find them correct or not. They really don’t care about who you are.
That also means they won’t make any compromise just to please you. So let them say what they have to say.
Swifty starts with a well written parody of violence, a ‘lyrical piranha’ that will hit you and eat you, followed by Bizarre who makes fun of Islamic integrism, cumulates violence and mysogyny and sarcastically concludes with ‘Truly yours- The Idiotic Bizarre’. A conclusion that is made on purpose to piss you off.
The whole ‘Shit On You’ video intelligently combines different elements that usually wouldn’t match: threatening thugs in the Detroit landscape and a lot of comical effects that are reinforced by Eminem’s different disguises.
Honestly, there is no need to get offended. The D12 crew points out some misogyny and people’s arrogance than is (so often) induced by the same conservative and activist groups who are so shocked by the content of D12’s lyrics.
The D12 crew also gives you a little taste of violence. A street violence they haven’t invented, but that they parody so well.
Well, if the D12 have offended you, there is nothing they can do for you anyway:
‘If you people get offended I don’t care (stop cryin)
Tryin to get us to leave cuz what we say just aint clean (uh, uh)…’
(‘Ain’t Nuttin’ But Music’)
It’s high time you realized it ain’t ‘nutting but music’.