Do you hate him because he’s different?

“You hate me because I’m different. I hate you because you’re all the same”. ‘Eminem
This is a rare Eminem quote I have found on a fan website :
A less known and interesting quote. A quote that refers to Marshall’s originality. A quote that also rejects conventional thinking.
Eminem may be a high school dropout, he is also a bookworm. If you take enough time to go deep into his lyrics, you will be amazed by the way he handles words with his immense creative skills.
Some people have objected that Eminem hasn’t brought up anything new to the rap game. Eminem may not be original in using some words, expressions or concepts some other rappers did long before him. In fact, Eminem didn’t want to invent anything new. That’s exactly what he says in ‘ The Real Slim Shady ‘ :
‘ And there’s a million of us just like me
Who cuss like me, who just don’t give a fuck like me
Who dress like me, walk, talk and act like me
And just might be the next best thing, but not quite me… ‘

But Eminem is original in his way of telling things.That’s why he makes a real difference. He may talk about tragical issues, but his particular narrative style manages to make them appear in a funny way.
When you are listening to an Eminem song, you will be able to recognize it among 10 000 other songs. Why ? Because Eminem’s style is unique.
Eminem makes a difference in the world of hip hop ‘not because he’s white- but because of his creativity.
His skills are creative. His rhyming style so sophisticated, his rhymes are subtle.
He manages to created special effect by the repetition of same sounding syllables. He can make you penetrate in a special athmosphere that makes you feel the situation of the moment. The repetition of the (i) sound in the 8 Mile song makes you feel Rabbit’s permanent struggle to succeed.
Eminem’s videos are very imaginative. One very good example is the ‘Without Me’ video. In this video Eminem chooses so many different disguises and personnalities. He manages to make people relax, which is a good way to help them to forget about their allday problems.
Eminem’s voice is unique too. It is sensitive, warm and manages to make you feel his deepest emotions.
Eminem is far from being average. He is extremely talented and creative, which explains his disgust of ordinary people who lack originality and who all look the same.
No wonder some people hate him because he’s different.