How Ja Rule started problems with Eminem

Ja Rule started problems with Eminem and the Shady camp when 50 Cent got signed to Shady Records.
Both men ‘ 50 Cent and Ja Rule- have fought against each other physically and their feud goes back to several years ago. 50 Cent has punched Ja Rule and Ja and his crew have stabbed 50 Cent.
When 50 Cent was signed to Shady Records, Ja Rule stated that if they allowed 50 Cent to diss him or Murder Inc, he’d take action against Marshall Mathers and his producer.
First targetting 50 Cent on ‘A Warrior’s Words’, the Murder Inc.’s Black Child mixtape, Ja Rule replied to Eminem’s diss track ‘Go To Sleep’ where Eminem warns him with “Ja, you’ll get it too”.
Reponding to 50 Cent, he said: ‘What kind of world is this when a snitch gets praise?” and then addressing to Eminem with the intention to threaten him: “I’m hunting ya blondie…”
“Em you know you fear me/ ‘Cause I’m clearly the rap game’s Jimmy Hoffa”.

When 50 Cent released a track combining Tupac’s vocals with his own voice called ‘The Realest Killaz’ in which he attacks ‘Ja Rule’s obsession with Tupac’.
50 Cent has also been dissed in many other Irv Gotti tracks. 50 Cent made fun of Ja Rule so many times lyrically but his funniest retaliation is the ‘Wanska’ video where a Ja Rule puppet lands in the trash.
Ja Rule expressed about his beef with 50 Cent and Shady Aftermath:
“It’s really nothing to handle because these guys don’t really want beef, they just want to talk about me and sell records. If they see me, they’re gonna go the other way and keep talking about me and selling records. If I see them, I’m gonna approach them and ask them what’s the problem. That’s the difference. Well, not just ask, but you know.”
This statement cannot be taken seriously. Who would take Ja Rule seriously as a gangsta? His Murder Inc compagny may be surrounded by some dangerous people who are paid by Murder Inc to kill people, but Ja Rule himself a gangsta ? That’s laughable.
When I express my dislike of Ja Rule, many people keep telling me ‘ You dislike Ja Rule, just because he hates 50 Cent and Slim Shady. ‘
Let me prove you wrong. Long before Ja Rule started beefing with Shady/ Aftermath, I didn’t like the artist and I even despised him. Why ?
Because his music is supposed to be hip hop and doesn’t sound like hip hop. It sounds much more like RNB and the subject matter is all about women. In my opinion, Ja Rule lacks originality.
To me, he is a gangsta wannabe who wants to be taken as Tupac’s successor which is ridiculous.
Ja Rule made fun of Eminem calling him ‘ Feminem ‘, which ain’t original at all, hi predecessors fellow Eminem haters did it before and added :
Black pain / but you could become the first white rapper slain / just get your money man / the Inc. is running thangs; you hiding out with loose change.”
Eminem’s whole life story proves Ja Rule wrong. Eminem perfectly knows black people’s pain, he shared their lives and sorrows and he always whowed his love for hip hop culture.
Ja even hits below the belt, making fun of Eminem’s daughter:
“Em you claim your mothers a crackhead and Kim is a known slut/ so what’s Hailie gonna be when she grows up?”
Ja Rule’s lyrics are grammatically weak and i don’t see what else he could oppose to the Shady camp but his jealousy.
And a big expression of his jealousy and his weakness was totally exposed when he dared dissing Eminem’s daughter.
But Hailie got her revenge, thanks her father’s diss track against Ja Rule where he ironically uses Ja’s sentence to make him look ridiculous. Hailie’s contribution in ‘ Do Rae Me ‘ is also a plus.
Some of Eminem’s enemies are real cowards who are too weak artistically and lyrically that they have nothing better to do than attacking an innocent child (it must be really hard for a 8 years old child to be handled like this by people who hate her simply because she’s Eminem’s daughter). Eminem never disrespected Ja Rule’s kids. Eminem has the courage to attack his enemies directly, he is not afraid to fight them. His weak opponents like Ja Rule and others made fools of themselves with their demeaning words against Hailie Jade, being unable to fight like ‘ real men ‘.
The track ‘ Shit Hits The Fan ‘ from Obie Trice’s album ‘ Cheers ‘ featuring Eminem and Dr Dre has definitly killed Ja Rule lyrically : it made Ja Rule look like Ja Fool. Not only the Shady Camp, but also rappers DmX and Busta Rhymes took position against Ja Rule.
Besides Benzino and Ir

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  1. You know. Whoever wrote this is really thinking like me. It’s true. Em is a guy of his words and normally never attacks inocents peeps (well, except Michael). He doesn’t need to aim at your child just cause it’s a weakness u/he/we all got. Well that’s a rapper spirit and thanx to him and the greatest (2Pac) I learn to take responsability. I also rap and rep my BRADAHooD crew. Anyone who step against those niggaz step against me. I’m not saying I’ma step against anyone without them steppin me first. But I’ma do it coinsciously, ya know. Malouko fo life and holla to whoever wrote this Eminem Blog. AAAAight!

  2. yeah that was me. And… man I wish to battle em one day…ya know?
    I’m not scurred I might rip him, he he he!

  3. Yeah… i look also up to Em and I really wish to meat him one day or something.
    But the person that wrote this is right bout Ja that he’s a coward for dissin Hailie, and his “music” is awfull he really has no fans haha.

  4. That not even how shit went down. The whole fued started wit 50. 50 signed wit murder, got shot, they dropped him, he started makin hate raps about them that got played on new york radio by dj clue and the green lantern. ja rule saw him in a club n jumped him. stabbing him a few times. emenem then signed 50 and inherited the beef which went on for 3 years until ending with emenems new song toy soldier.
    ja rule fucken sucks neway
    weak ass nigga
    its all about funky town, h town and d town (that houston fort worth and dallas if u didnt kno). southern rap in takin over the game. this tupac shit is over tupacs gone 50 cent is gettin old, em is done, dre producin, jay z producin. from houston to atlanta is whats happenin now.
    817 where the murders goin down

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