Not an evil monster, but a regular man

Activists have tried to shut him down. Eminem has been pictured as a monster and to some narrow minded people he is still a woman and gay hater, an evil man. He’s been protested and demonstrated against by gay and lesbian groups.
On several websites that belonged to his detractors, I have read: ‘Eminem admits to be a monster’ referring to the lyrics of ‘Without Me’:
‘ I’ve created a monster, cuz nobody wants to see Marshall no more they want Shady’ ‘
Sometimes I keep asking myself if their hatred of Eminem makes them become totally blind. Or is it just that they can’t read ?
In ‘Without Me’, Eminem doesn’t state: ‘I’m a monster’, he says: ‘I’ve created a monster’, referring to Slim Shady, his evil alter ego.
I’ve also seen such comments against Eminem: ‘If 13 years old get his lyrics, he is no lyrical genius’.
I’d rather say: ‘If 13 years old kids are subtle enough to get Eminem’s lyrics and you aren’t, I frankly doubt your degree of intelligence.’
Being closed minded is rarely a sign of intelligence.
Another example of total ignorance of the artist appears here:
‘ Bad boy rapper Eminem, formerly woman beater and gay hater, has suddenly cleaned up his act and become America’s golden boy ‘ but should we forgive him? ‘
The original article can be read on a website :
Have I read those words right? Eminem, a ‘formerly women beater’?
Eminem’s lyrics may be offensive. Songs like ‘Kim’ describe domestic violence. But Eminem has never ever been a woman beater. I defy anybody to prove me that Eminem was a woman beater in his past.
Even Debbie Mathers, who is certainly not in the best terms with her son, testified that her son Marshall has never been violent towards Kim:
‘One of those troubled souls was Kim Scott, who moved with us when she was 12. Marshall was about 15 and she lied about her age saying she was the same. They got together and that was it. Chaos reigned.
Until then Marshall was a normal, happy boy. She changed him, she wound him up, and they had the most terrible rows. I had to break up the cursing between them. The girl thrives on confrontation. But Marshall was never violent towards her. He may rap about raping and murdering her but he has never laid a finger on her.’

You may not believe it, but it’s precisely the song ‘Kim’ that helped me to get rid of a nightmare that haunted me for years. I have indeed experienced violence and rape in my past from a mean partner and what I have been through didn’t stop haunting me in my worst nightmares. Eminem’s song ‘Kim’ was so much full of exaggeration that I understood the song was a parody of violence. ‘Kim’ has helped me to humor the drama I’ve been through in my life and to overcome it.
Knowing Eminem’s biography very well, I never doubted the feelings Marshall had for Kim. I understood that his songs have always been a good way to get rid of his negative emotions and feelings of the moment.
Eminem a gay hater? I don’t think so. Why? Because he clearly expressed on the subject. In a former article, I have written a thread about Eminem’s use of the word’ faggot’ that usually refers to a ‘sissy’ or a ‘coward’, not to a gay person.
You may object: ‘But in the song ‘Criminal’, Eminem refers to homosexuals’:
“My words are like a dagger with a jagged edge
That’ll stab you in the head
Whether you’re a fag or lez
Or the homosex, hermaph or a trans-a-vest
Pants or dress – hate fags? the answer’s “yes”
Homophobic? nah, you’re just heterophobic
Starin at my jeans, watchin my genitals bulgin (ooh!)
That’s my motherfuckin balls, you’d better let go of em
They belong in my scrotum, you’ll never get hold of em
Hey, it’s me, versace
Whoops, somebody shot me!
And I was just checkin the mail
Get it? checkin the ‘male’?
How many records you expectin to sell
After your second lp sends you directly to jail?
C’mon!– relax guy, I like gay men
Right, ken? give me an amen (aaa-men!)”

Sure. In this song, the meaning of ‘faggot’ is clearly “gay”. But!
Eminem wrote this song is reaction to people targetting him as ‘homophobic’. Because he used to say that his English teacher wanted to have sex with him and that he was homosexual in ‘My Name Is’, he suddenly became an homophobic person in many people’s mind.
‘ My English teacher wanted to have sex in junior high
The only problem was my English teacher was a guy’ ‘

Eminem exaggerated the use of the word ‘ faggot ‘ in the Marshall Mathers LP in order to make his detractors become mad. Eminem is provocative and he laughs in advance, imagining people’s reaction while reading his lyrics.
The more you attack him, the more he will respond in a crazy way and make you look ridiculous.
You may not like Eminem, but don’t let irrational hatred totally blind up your mind : Marshall is a regular person, not a hater. His alter ego is mad and his lyrics are shocking on purpose. Yes, Eminem has indeed created a monster. Why ? Because people don’t want Marshall, they want Shady. And Slim Shady is the illest monster that has been created in Marshall Mathers’ mind. Remember that before you get mad at Eminem with no reason.