Eminem’s music brings two girls back to life

Some people are very fast in reporting Eminem’s bad influence on kids and they often refer to teenager’s suicides. Kaleigh Davis’ death (although Eminem cannot be held responsible of the young girl’s suicide who used to like his music and who was bullied at school) is set up as an example of what kind of damages Eminem’s music can cause in young people’s lives.
But do you know that Eminem’s music brought two young girls back to life ?
Those stories need to be told to the world, because they are extraordinary.
Both stories are amazing.
In 2001, Dione Armstrong from Northumberland had a bad car accident. She used to suffer from severe head injuries.
Dione woke up after spending 11 days on a life support machine and opened her eyes again after listening to Eminem’s tape, probably the Marshall Mathers LP.
Dione’s mom recalls :
“Eminem is helping to save her life. The minute I put on that music she was moving her hands.”
Her daughter is a huge Eminem fan whose music is part of her every day life :
“She is such a big fan. Every night she puts him on the ghetto blaster at home and goes to sleep to him.”
Ain’t this story wonderful ?
There is another amazing story reported by another tabloid about one year later : Claire Derbyshire(17)’s life was saved by Eminem in a similar way.
According to the Star magazine, Eminem even heard about her story and sent her some presents for her recovery :
“He sent Claire Derbyshire, 17, a bandana, CDs, signed pictures of himself and a limited edition doll to help her recovery.”
Eminem’s gifts have seem to have helped a lot in her recovery, but the most amazing fact is certainly that no other music but Eminem’s had the power to wake the young girl up.
Parents next time you will be tempted to hate on Eminem, try to think about it : Eminem’s music could save your own kid’s life someday’
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