Eminem’s Ex Hams It Up In Court

DETROIT — It was the Kim Mathers show in a Michigan courtroom Thursday, as the former wife of rap star Eminem appeared to play up her role for the media.
Mathers, sporting a new hair do and a Macomb County Jail uniform, mouthed the words, “I love you,” to camera crews as she entered the courtroom to face Judge Ed Sorvito for violating her probation, Detroit’s WDIV-TV reported.
The rap star’s ex turned to the cameras and rolled her eyes as she and her attorney stood before Sorvito.
Mathers was taken into custody last week after she violated the terms of a plea deal she made with Macomb County prosecutors during her sentencing on possession of cocaine charges on Jan. 21.
Police said they found cocaine in Mathers’ purse and in the glove box of her Cadillac Escalade during a traffic stop on Interstate 94 near 12 Mile Road on June 10.
Mathers was later charged with maintaining a drug house after people were found using drugs in a hotel room rented in her name.
Sorvito sentenced her to two years probation in court last month, but Mathers reportedly failed a drug test, and has spent the past nine days in jail.
The judge ordered Mathers Thursday to spend an additional 21 days in jail, followed by an intense 90-day inpatient rehab program.
He said it’s another chance for her to get her life back together.
“You have the opportunity now to address your problem,” Sorvito said. “If you don’t take advantage of it, well, your children may be better off without you.”
Sorvito also promised Mathers a tougher jail sentence if she continues to violate the terms of her sentence.
Mathers divorced rap star Marshall Mathers, aka Eminem, in 2001. They have a daughter, Hailie Jade. Kimberly Mathers also reportedly has another daughter from a relationship after her split from Eminem.