Another baby mama drama in Eminem's life

Mr Fields said:

Pain, mystery and drama — that’s what motivates an artist, as much as love and affection.

Eminem had probably foreseen it when he filed papers in Court on June 2003 for Hailie’s full custody when Kim was caught by the police in possession of some cocaine, driving with a revoked driving licence:
Since February the 6th, 2004, Kim has been jailed, because she didn’t respect the terms of her probation. Eminem’s ex wife has a serious addiction problem with cocaine.
The couple used to share Hailie’s custody since 2001 when their divorce was finalized. Since November 2003, when Kim suddenly disappeared, full custody of his daughter has been granted to Marshall.
Eminem is ready to sacrifice anything for Hailie’s happiness.
When he was facing felony charges, Eminem realized that his biggest fear would be to be separated from his daughter:

My worst fear was picturing the look of Hailie’s face if i had to tell her that I was going away-the look on hailie’s face coming to jail and not being able to touch, to hold. You know? Like fuck the divorce. Fuck everything else. How am I hoping to explain his to this little girl I’ve struggled all these years to keep from situations like this, that I’m about to do this to her?

That’s why Eminem was conscious that he could not do any other fatal mistake like taking drugs that would lead to their separation, because he loves his daughter more than anybody else.
He also wanted Kim’s presence in his daughter’s life. Even when both of them had a bad relationship, Marshall did anything possible for his daughter to feel fine with both of her parents.
In 2002, Eminem and Kim reconciled. According to Betty Kresin (Eminem’s grandmother), he did it all for Hailie:

I think it’s for Hailie

Apparently Kim doesn’t manage to get rid of the demons that keep tormenting her. Her cocaine addiction is stronger than anything else.
She causes a lot of problems to her ex husband whose life is surrounded by dramas.
I have found this text on a yahoo Eminem group. It reports a phone conversation between Marshall and Kim. Frankly, I don’t know how reliable this source is, but if this phone call really occurred, then this story is really sad:

Kimberly Scott , 27 called Eminem (Marshall) to ask him for her
things because she wasn’t planning on staying with him at his house.
She said on the phone ” I just want my things I’ll come by later and
pick them up.”
Em replied : “This is bullshit, Kim. You’re not even
supposed to leave the house, what are you trying to do ? Throw my
money away ? ” (Regarding the fact he has been giving the money to bail
her out of jail).
Kim said : ” I will have a friend collect my things
Marshall hung up a little frustrated. Kim who was visiting
with Hailie had her call her dad back.
“Daddy if you don’t let Mommy get her things I’m not allowed to come home” Hailie said crying to her Dad on the phone “Kim, you bitch bring me my fucking kid”
And with that he called the police to let them know his ex had left the
house and refused to bring back his daughter. The police officers had
to go to Marshall’s house to see the paper stating he had custody.
After they brought Hailie back. She was asleep in her mom’s car when
they found them heading towards the border.

Source: STAR Magazine
Apparently, this incident occured when Kim tried to disappear.
No matter how she behaves , she remains Hailie’s mother. I have posted the news of Kim being jailed recently on an Eminem forum. Some young girl replied on my topic and said:

I don’t care if Kim gets jailed. I don’t like her at all. She can stay there forever.

I was shocked when I read her answer and I replied:

Did you realize what Hailie was going through?

She admitted being wrong and that she didn’t have a thought for Hailie first.
I’m addressing to Eminem’s female fans in particular; there is no need for you to hate on Kim. You don’t know her. I don’t like what Marshall had to go through because of her, but I don’t allow myself to judge her. Don’t forget that she’s Hailie’s mom. Hailie needs her mom too. If Todd Nelson is telling the truth, Marshall recently stated that he’s still in love with her. If you respect father and daughter, don’t insult her. It is useless anyway.

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  1. hello i want to say that was a pretty sad story i would hate to eminem and might lose his daughter and his ex i like kim and halie it must be hard to be eminem to raise his niece and his daughter by him self but its mean 4 kim to tell eminem hes not going to see halie because kim cant get her stuff…….

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