Purple Pills

The ‘Purple Pills’ song from ‘ Devil’s Night ‘ album is all about popping pills and swallowing mushrooms and intentionally made of crazy statements. Different drugs like mescaline, coke, heroin and mushrooms are mentioned in the song.
There are also some clear references to Debbie’s addiction to valium. Eminem humors his own behavior and his difficulty in concealing his inclination towards violence. In the song as well as in the video, ‘ Purple Pills ‘ brings you into a magical dimension. In the censored version , the song is called ‘ Purples Hills ‘ and the text has been transformed for a large part.
Before the video was released the D12 had no other choice than modifying the content of the lyrics and the title because of the many references to drugs. MtV had left them no other alternative.
But the illest lyrics are, of course, the original lyrics of the song.
You are brought into an addictional dimension that is conditioned by a constant drug use and abuse. The listener needs, of course, a solid sense of humor, not to misinterpret nor to take the words of the song seriously.
The lyrics of the song and the video are funny. Kon Artis losing his arm looks surreal with the surrounding cartoon decor. The big variety of landscapes andcolors add to this surrealistic athmosphere. Proof is disguised as a clown killer and he manages to scare a little girl and to make her cry.
The song Purple Pills is viewed by many people as an encouragement for the youth to take drugs. As I stated it on some other topics concerning Eminem and D12’s references to drugs, the songs are just words on a mic.
But ‘you guessed it- the song ‘ Purple Pills ‘ caused some controversy when Leah Betts, Janet Bett’s daughter died from taking ecstasy. Her mother wanted the Purple Hills (this is the title of the clean version that also appeared on TV) to be banned.
This case is similar to Kaleigh Davis’ case, the 13 years girl who used to like Eminem and who committed suicide. In such cases, the pain of the parents is so unbearable that they need a perfect culprit. But still, I insist on the fact that neither Eminem nor any of the other D12 members can be held responsible for kids’ drug addiction.
Parents should be conscious that it remains their role to prevent their kids from taking drugs. Artists are such an easy target when parents keep running from their responsibilities. Like Eminem points it out in ‘ Who Knew ‘ from the Marshall Mathers LP :
“But don’t blame me when lil’ Eric jumps off of the terrace
You shoulda been watchin him – apparently you ain’t parents…”

Janet Betts stated:
‘This man is an icon to teenagers. They will hear this and think it’s cool to take drugs. That is so irresponsible.’
Her statement is a too simplistic view. It has also been demented by a spokesman for the National Drug Helpline who actually thinks listening to Eminem is very unlikely to lead kids to taking drugs:
‘Teenagers are more intelligent than that. There is much more peer pressure among teenagers than from pop stars. Teenagers also understand that alot of the publicity that pop stars carry with them is just hype created by the media.’
I also think that it is unlikely for young people who are not used to drugs and who haven’t been involved with drugs to be influenced badly by songs such as ‘ Purple Pills ‘.
References to sex are numerous too and this might upset some parents too.
‘ Purple Pills ‘ is one of the best tracks of the ‘ Devil’s Night ‘ album along with ‘ Fight Music ‘. The song is musically rich and the harmonica you can hear at the end of the song gives a particular and enthousiastic note to the song. Eminem and his D12 fellows have done a great job.
Purple Pills
Ugh.. yo yo yo, yo
[Chorus: Eminem]
I take a couple uppers, I down a couple downers
But nothing compares to these blue and yellow purple pills
I’ve been to mushroom mountain, once or twice but who’s countin
But nothin compares to these blue and yellow purple pills
Yo, yo
Cool, calm, just like my mom
With a couple of valium inside her palm
It’s Mr. Mischief with a trick up his sleeve
To roll up on you like Christopher Reeves
I can’t describe the vibe I get
When I drive by six people and five I hit (oops)
Aww shit, I started a mosh pit
Squashed a bitch and stomped her foster kids (AHH!)
These ‘shrooms make me hallucinate
Then I sweat till I start losin weight
‘Til I see dumb shit start happenin
Dumber than Vanilla Ice tryin to rap again
So bounce, bounce, come on bounce
{*GUNFIRE*} I said come on, bounce
Everybody in the house with a half an ounce (me!)
Not weed, I meant coke, dumb-ass sit down
We don’t bullshit, better ask around
D-12 throws the bomb and smash the town
Bizarre, your mom is passin out
Get her ass on the couch ‘fore she crashes out
Come on!
[Kon Artis and Kuniva]
Fuck that, someone help Denaun
He’s upstairs naked with a weapon drawn
Heh, hey Von you see me steppin on these leprechauns?
It gotta be acid cause the X is gone
Ya I took them all dawg with some parmegan
And I think my arm is gone
Naw it’s probably numb
Young, dumb, and full of cum
And I think he ’bout to swallow his tongue
Scary ass it was a false alarm
You think I’m ’bout to die when I just got on?
Yo stop actin stupid
You so high that you might wake up with a guy on some new shit (EWW!)
Yeah I think I did too much — This substance equals cups
Red pills, blue pills, and green — Big pills (that’s ill), mescaline!
Dirty Dozen, eighty of us, Shady brothers, ladies love us
That’s why our baby mothers love us but they hate each other
They probably wanna take each other out and date each other
Some-, somethin, some’un, some’un, some’un {*babbling*}
Pop pills, pills I pop
Pop two pills on stilts I walk
Snort two lines that were filled with chalk
Thought it was +Incredible+ and killed the +Hulk+
I wanna, roll away like a rollerblade
Until my eyes roll back in my skull for days
And when I’m, old and gray look for dope to smoke
No okey-doke, I’m packin my nose with coke
{*cough cough cough*} Am I supposed to choke?
Had an accident when the Trojan broke
Ahh, poor baby, born by whore lady
Now I gotta strangle a.. (You’re crazy!)
[Swifty McVay]
I pop fo’ E’s at one time
And I don’t need water when I’m swallowin mine
(Yeah, you got any shrooms?) Does Bizarre smoke crack?
We can’t get jobs cause our arms show tracks
Why the hell you niggaz think I rap?
We do it just to get your company hijacked
And if you like smack (uh-huh) then I might too
(Swift, chill) I just wanna get high like you! (ewww)
And I don’t give a damn if they white or blue (uh-huh)
Speed, ‘shrooms, down the valiums (uh-huh)
Even smoke weed outta vacuums
I just copped some and I’m goin back soon
I’m at rave lookin like a slave, high off chronic
Gin and tonic demonic, body smell like vomit
Pussy poppin, acid droppin, dope-headed guy
Heroin mescaline, pencilnecks, wanna try?
Blue pills, golden seals, got Bizarre, actin ill
Drugs kill (Yeah right) – Bitch, I’m for real!!!
Shut your mouth you dirty slut, you know you want it in your butt
I’ll put it in your cunt; let Bizarre nut!
Dirty Dozen, eighty of us, Shady brothers, ladies love us
That’s why our baby mothers love us but they hate each other
They probably wanna take each other out and date each other
Some-, somethin, some’un, some’un, some’un {*babbling*}
{*harmonica plays until fade*}

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