Jerry Mathers vs Marshall Mathers

Who would believe that Eminem could be sued simply for using the name Mathers on his records? A few years ago, former child actor Jerry Mathers who played in ‘Leave It To Beaver’ from 1957 to 1963 intented to file a lawsuit against the famous rapper. Somebody of Jerry Mather’s entourage, probably an attorney, said:
“My man has an image with the kids who listen to him and buy his music. They all know his real name, and if they confuse him with that Beaver guy, well, there goes his street cred, you know?”
How could somebody be that stupid to confuse a 55 years old man who played in TV series aimed at kids with the rabble rousing full mouthed rapper Marshall Mathers? This is one of the silliest thing I have ever heard! We may ask if Jerry Mathers lacked money at this time of his life. Eminem has the same family name as him, so what? He didn’t choose it intentionally. Come on, that’s just plain stupid, it is as stupid as accusing him of being born white!
I’m questioning myself if Jerry Mathers is real when he says:
“Gee, I’ve worked so hard to preserve the innocence of my name. I still make money off that old show but now I’m starting to get
comments about whether or not Marshall and I are related. We most certainly are not. The guy’s really messing up my plan and I want him to knock it off.I
‘ve had enough trouble maintaining the innocence of my nickname of Beaver from the show. Anytime I can make a public appearance that relates to the furry river animal, or the television show, I do it. I want that image to remain. There are always some hecklers laughing about the double meaning, but I think I’ve done well keeping it clean. Although, it was hard for several years after that movie Basic Instinct came out.”
When asked to elaborate, Mathers said, “Let’s just say that Sharon Stone has never been on my party invitation list.”
“Everyone who’s seen the show remembers how the opening credits went. The familiar tune is played as each of the actors are shown and the announcer says our real names. Can’t you just hear the announcer saying ‘and Jerry Mathers as The Beaver.’ And there is my cute, smiling, innocent face.”
Logically, confusing Jerry Mathers with Marshall Mathers is quite impossible. It is as silly as confusing Rufus Johnson (D12 member Bizarre) with basket ball player Magic Johnson! Since the TV series are old stuff, old generations are more likely to focus an interest on it. Jerry Mathers doesn’t cuss. So why is is so afraid for his image? I guess he is not. People who have filed lawsuits against Eminem have two main motivations most of the time: money and publicity. Why would he forbid Marshall’s use of his real name? There is no good reason for that. I don’t know if Jerry Mathers actually filed his lawsuit against Eminem, but his motivations don’t seem to be sincere at all. I sometimes wish people could give Eminem a break.

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