To the hater players ( freestyle, by me)

This freestyle came out of my chest when I got insulted on one of the message boards I used to go. One of my haters didn’t even know how to spell and he dared rating my freestyles.
Because I’m a female fan, I often get called names like”groupie slut”,”bitch”. Because I ‘m very supportive to my fave artist, I also got called “Stan” or “stalker”.
Let me tell you what, hater players: I am a regular woman, a normal person, a single mom who takes care of her two kids and who lives a normal life. I do respect Eminem too much to be a stalker.
I have the right to defend Eminem (and it is even my duty, because his music cured me).
And if you don’t like it, there is nothing I can do for you: I will defend him anyway!
This freestyle is full of rage and anger. Enjoy:)

I’m sick and tired of getting hated on
(arghhhhhhhh !!!!)
By people who cannot even spell,
So determined to bring me down, yawn*
Thinking you will make my face drawn,
Full of tension, because of the words you mention ?
Spread your stinking spawn,
You’d better look after the final denouement
If you ever got the chance upon
Oh you tried to spell and on the word you fell ?
Cuz you ain’t got no brain cell.
Sure you’re no Alexander Graham Bell’
Come on against me yell, yell !
And let your music swell.
Is this a Church bell of a death bell ?
Let grow your decibel and I’ll send you directly to hell.
To destroy me you plan, cuz towards Marshall, I’m a loyal fan ?
No, I’m no Stan but you’re a garbage man,
I do respect my fave artist, but you need to be hit with my fist
You smoked too much weed you’re just a shithead
Man, I’ll send you in a hospital bed, you will drop dead
For calling me a ‘ groupie slut ‘, all you need is to get your mouth shut
Before talking, you’d better know what’s what (haha !!)
My words can kick your butt.
It’s my right to pay tribute and to Em’s defence to contribute
When you say something about my freeslyle
Dude, you make me smile, can’t you stop talking for a while ?
You ain’t got the style against me to send a missile,
You think you’re my judge but I trial
But whatever misjudge, prejudge,begrudge me,
Pathetic loser, drug user, substance absuser
You ain’t nothing but an accuser
Your words stutter, they stammer,
Against me, no spelling, no hammer,
Go back to school, you fool,
Revise your spelling and your grammar
Follow my advice, go back to school.
At least, you stopped talking, we all know you ain’t no Stefan Hawking
Clap Clap Clap, blah blah blah, stop you fake rap ! Man you’ve been trapped,
Maybe your bullets snapped, but you’ve been outrapped
Promise kept, man you’ve been slapped !
Now leave us alone and do us a favor :’ pig, go home !