Just a regular guy

How many persons claim to be ‘ Eminem’s biggest fan ‘ ? I’d like to demonstrate why this concept of ‘ the biggest fan ‘ sounds scary and worthless.
Remember those words of Stan :
‘ Anyways, I hope you get this man, hit me back,
just to chat, truly yours, your biggest fan
This is Stan’ ‘

“Biggest fan ” among all the fans from the whole wide world? Come on, that doesn’t make sense at all. I have read so many posts from ‘Eminem’s biggest fans’ on so many different websites and forums.
Claiming to be ‘the biggest fan’ makes you appear in a scary light in front of Eminem. Maybe you don’t realize it, but you’re precisely the kind of fan Eminem doesn’t want to meet. A crazed fan who wouldn’t mind invading his privacy without any form of respect.
Let me tell you, dear fellow fans, what really matters: it is important to be a true fan, to prove it not only in your words but also in your actions. But you also need to realize that Marshall Mathers is a regular man with a private life.
Don’t get on his nerves, don’t scream if you happen to see him. He is a normal person who wants to be treated with respect like anybody of us.
Don’t be the next ‘Stan’. If Eminem has earned your respect as a talented rapper and entertainer, he also deserves your respect as a human being.
You have the right to ask me how I would behave in front of Eminem. Let me tell you this: of course, meeting him will be emotional for me, but I want him to feel comfortable in front of me. That’s why I intend to show him my respect and admiration without scaring him with a foolish behavior. He is a normal person, like anybody of us, who wants to be treated in a normal way.
People need to realize that even if the music is divine, the author is a regular man who faces the same joys and sorrows than all of us: the only difference is that Eminem does it publicly.