Eminem And Interscope Records Taking Extra Security Precautions

Eminem is currently in the recording studio working on new material, but the rapper and his label, Interscope Records, had a scare last week when three of his unfinished songs turned up on the Internet auction site eBay.
A source told the New York Post, “He has a very close-knit group of people he works with–he knows everybody who goes in and out of that studio. About a week and a half ago, somebody copied three unfinished raps onto CDs and tried to sell them on eBay. EBay immediately took the auction down and has promised Interscope the tracks will never be auctioned on its site, but the problem is every time they shut the auction down it pops back up.”
According to the source, everyone in Eminem’s circle who has access to the studio including managers, advisers, and friends, is being interviewed. Interscope Records is also considering hiring a special security team to make sure that no additional music is leaked. Some of the precautions may include making everyone who enters the studio sign a log and a confidentiality agreement.
No release date has been set for Eminem’s untitled new album