Eminem vs ICP

The feud between Eminem and ICP goes back to 1995.
It started like this :
Eminem was having a little party in Detroit and he wanted to be recognized. So he used a flyer when he put ‘ ALSO AN APPEARENCE BY ICP…maybe ‘. Violent G, one of te ICP members , saw the flyer and told Eminem to ‘ fuckoff ‘.
Eminem retaliated in a funny way. He told everybody that ICP didn’t attend to his party, because he chased them with paintball guns. Appearently that actually happened when Eminem and his fellows from the D12 group saw ICP coming out of a club one nignt. He and his D12 members chased them and shot at their van with a paintball gun. Of course, ICP denied those facts, because it made them look like real cowards in front of the whole world.
But the beef between them increased in 1998 when Eminem made an appearence at the Howard Stern Show where he was asked about his opinion on locals Detroit stars. He made ICP look ridiculous by answering : ‘Who ? Them, oh yeah, we used to beat their asses all the time back in the day. ‘
ICP were invited the following day on the same show. Violent J, who was offended by Eminem’s statements (you bet !) replied : ‘ We don’t even know that bitch ! ‘
ICP released two diss tracks against Eminem ‘ Slim Anus ‘ and ‘ Nothing but a bitch thing. ‘. Slim Shady wasn’t late in responding. In the ‘ Marshall Mathers Lp ‘, he says about his rival group : ‘ “Slim Anus,” you damn right, Slim Anus
I don’t get fucked in mine like you two little flaming faggots! ‘.
The answer to the ‘ Slim Anus ‘ diss makes ICP look more ridiculous than ever. A battle thant ICP seems to take very seriously but that amuses Eminem who doesn’t take them seriously as real artists.
He enjoys making fun of them (who wouldn’t ?).
‘ There’s a difference between realness and an act, and they’re an act, and they know they’re an act, and they even say they’re an act, they even say they’re cornballs, they admit it.
I don’t think I take the beef as seriously as they do, because I don’t consider them artists. They look at me as an artist. I think they get more uptight about it. I can look at them and laugh. They can’t do anything to me. What can they do to me? They have no credibility, no respect, no talent, they have nothing. All they can do is diss me vocally, they can’t diss me lyrically. There’s nothing they can do to me as far as the music goes. I don’t take it as seriously as they do and I think that frustrates them. I think it’s funny. ‘
One of Eminem’s qualities is to use even dramatic events in his life to humor himself and to make people laugh. During his ‘ Up In Smoke Tour ‘, Eminem was using an ICP puppet to make fun of the group, just after the incident with Douglas Dail ICP member. The puppet was supposed to give him a blowjob , confirming that ‘ it was all good between ICP and him. ‘
The ICP group has also been dissed in the Ken Kaniff skit from the Marshall Mathers LP where Shaggy to Dope and Violent J are sucking Ken Kaniff’s dick.
The lastest ICP disses appear in the song ‘ Business ‘ from the Eminem Show :
‘Lets get down to business.
I don’t got no time to play around what is this
Must be a circus in town,
lets shut the shit down on these clowns.
Can I get a witness? HELL YEAH! ”
‘Nothin’ but clowns down here
but we ain’t fuckin around round here, yo Dre. . .
What up? Can I get a Hell? Hell Yeah!/ Now… ‘
There is also an allusion to ICP’s ‘ dark carnival ‘ : ‘ I’d like to welcome you to Marshall and Andre’s carnival. ‘
Besides the fact ICP don’t like Eminem, we may doubt that thay can be taken seriously as artists, their disguises make them look ridiculous and their lyrics appear to be rather weak. They cannot even pretend to be in competition with the talented rapper.

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  1. I like Eminem but I FUCKING LOVE ICP!!! Juggalette Pride! Twiztid concert in Miami very soon! tix are only 14.99 so get them So0o0o0on!!!

  2. if eminem could be black he wud, he does everythin he can to make him self look and sound like a black artist. yeah he i talented but not exactly entertainment. as for fans of Insane Clown Posse being a cult we aint, ‘makin u wanna be a black gansta! ye intit!’ is also a kind of cult. we respect them cause they make us laugh, chill out and have fun. besides ICP cud KICK ALL YOUR ASSES!

  3. wow icp is a fucking joke. i cant even believe they could afford to put a fucvkin dvd in there new cd.(i no this cause my friend likes icp) and plus no body likes clowns. so to icp suck my fuckin balls you fucking no talne losers. and no icp couldnt kcick our asses.

  4. and ya wanna no why the tickets are only 14.99. cause if they were more nobody would fuckin go. icps parents better be sad that there fuckin children grew up to be fuckin losers. i feel bad 4 them. fuck icp!!

  5. just about any dis to slim anus is fuckin tru. ICP kicks ass and it aint no goddamn cult u fuckin slim anus cock suckin fuck asses. We aint tryin to be something we aint *cough nigga cough* ( i aint racist but there is a fine line between what u r and what u aint and eminem aint black, i think hed jump in a tub of shit if it made him black, maybe thats why he likes black ass.. comes out black make him the he got some black ON him … roflmfao

  6. well as far as the lame brain discussion they do anmit to being cornballs cause who gives a shit if we are or arent liked.. the hatchets are high and will stay high til u asswhipes come fuckin wit us.. this site is shit

  7. i got mad clown love and i like most of eminems music. he got them good but they got him better. you cant out clown a clown

  8. man all yall fuckin eminem fans is retarded. he aint nuttin but a bitch nigger wanna be who is pissed off at da world cause is family was to fuklin poor to buy him a hooker when he was young. dats y he is gay now. and icp is da shit. dats y slim gayd dnt make music nemore cause dat bitch knows every song he makes icp is gunnabust his ass wid it. JUGALOO FOR L;IFE BITCHES

  9. ICP cant handel me or eminem o yea lil randy then y did eminem just come out with a new cd whens icp comin out with a nother one hold on wene i the last time they came out with one

  10. fuck u all becouse insane clown posse will kick eminems ass. yes i sead it and ill help the insane clown posse to kick his gay ass.

  11. hey!!i like ICP and EMINEM BUT,i got em’s bac.ICP started to scare the sh1t out me when they started to diss em,they keep talking about his ass on thurr disses i mean come on think bout it…grown KILLER CLOWNS talking about fucking him in the ass AND they get ALL the soundaffects rite when DRE fucks him.I think they no by xperince 😛 anywayz icp pretty coo but the reason y u see more icp fans on the internet is becuz thurr a bunch of white folks (or rednecks)who OWN cpus w/internet.tell me do u see black guys listening to that make up on a man clown shit??nope u see rockers listening that that shit.besides em had murda inc. to punk. u dont see those confused white boys dissing rappers(expect dre)do u?em will alwayz be better and icp will still be playing on my system(once in a while)and yes mudvayne is the best

  12. My opinion it dont matter wtf your favorite band likes or dislikes man… im kewl with eminem (although i dont mind using feminem from time to time ) just cos believe it or not, i became a lo after that whole bullshit… so honestly i dont give a fuk. If you dont like a band just because your favorite band dont (i.e. ICP not liking Em) then you are more of a poser/follower than a fan. That type of shit is classified along the lines of being mainstream in my eyes… then again I can understand from the perspective of juggalo’s that were family at the time eminem went n bashed icp being pissed off about it but if your wondering bout it, you came in after the fact. And honestly, only thing I can say is read up on what actually happened or talk to family that actually know what happened IN DETAIL and decide for yourself your own opinion. Just because I am a juggalo dont mean what J or Shaggy says are words of gods or nothin like that… cos none of us are… we all individuals too, besides being family. Hell even in a true family there’s difference of opinions! But the best thing bout juggalo family is that when it comes down to the bottom line, we all down w/the clown, we all down for life and we all there for each and every last one of us. WHOOP WHOOP!
    And for the lo’s or lette’s that dont agree with me on this one I got 2 words for ya but I say them with nothing but clown love for ya’ll: FUK OOF!
    lmao! like i said, i say it with all my love for ya’ll… but those of you lo’s n lette’s that disagree with me need to realize a juggalo/juggalette/ninja/ninjette is not supposed to be mindless drones and if you follow a band and believe what they believe just cos they your fav band, your a drone not an individual! Yeah, you should take what they say to heart… especially when they keep it real and phat like Shaggy and J do… I mean I look up to Shaggy n J and got so much love for them, but I aint gonna worship the motha fockos anymore than I would George W Bush or Hiliary Clinton (which I despise bush and i think hiliary was president for 2 terms not bill… lol! I dont care much for politics though… but I aint gonna get into that one, totally different subject)… I dont worship them as gods or nothin… and that is not what being part of the juggalo family is about… its about being there for each and every one of that are down with the clown, yes, but its also about being an individual at the same time.
    Individualize man, be yourself cos that’s the only way to be a true juggalo… family love comes from loving the person for who they are… not who they pretend to be, am I not right lo’s n lette’s?
    Damn, i think i got extremely deep there! That’s some fuckin kick ass shit, haha!
    Enough of my sappy ass, im shuttin the fuk up and fuckin the fuk oof so the next motha focko can give their 2 cents! I respect other opinions, no matter if they right or wrong in my eyes… hehe.
    -Juggalo: Night of the 44!~

  13. umm yea ok i like em from the start and hated icp ever snice my homie listened to them b4 em came out so there u go white boy
    (lol i bought BEEF 2 with a interview with j and he cant freestyle for SHIT!!lmao)

  14. haha wow your a fucking moron dude, an its so amusing how you talk about eminem like he’s the greatest rapper that ever ived, GET A SELF ESTEAM YOUR LITTLE BITCH! HE DOSNT GIVE TWO SHITS ABOUT YOU! also emeinem is not real hes fake, ne body thats not totally on crack could easily see that so stop acting like you know what your talking about you fucking iddiots. do i like eminem? ill admit he has rymes, but will i say hes better than icp? def not. but for the fucking moron that asked why you dont see icp on mtv or vh1,KILL YOUR SELF FOR BEING A FUCKING IDDIOT! cause not being on mtv or vh1 dosnt ecctaly mean the band sucks. it either means the band cares more about music than money or it means tha the band is to ill to be put on tv for the viewers. YOU DONT SEE GREAT BANDS LIKE ALICE IN CHAINS OR DEICIDE ON TV DO YA? no, and if you did they wouldnt be great bands. so for all you dumbass low self esteam bithes that worship eminem say ne thing els…GET THE FUCKING FACTS STRAIGHT BEFORE YOU OPEN YOUR MOUTHS AND PISS SOMEBODY THAT ACTUALLY KNOWS WHAT THERE TALKING ABOUT OFF. i-c-p 4 life

  15. I like both ICP and Eminem. I could careless about them not like each other. Just cuz Icp and Eminem dont get along, dont mean i have to choose sides…si I don’t. MMFCL

  16. um ok icp cant rap must be a circus in town wit these clowns and u guys r thur monkeys.listening to a group trying to rap about immature shit its not funny all my white friend say”dude thur soooo funny,ICP 4 LIFE!!!!”and i dont give a shit who fuck u r and what u noICP is gay and whack like those nontalented punk rockers(no offense fans)i dont how they get deals.

  17. were cereal killer clowns” who the fuck would say some fakeass dumb shit like that hes fucking fag he aint cancelled nobody and if u R one u wouldnt be running saying yea man im a cereal killer clown man fakeass whack ass white boy why they clowns anywayz they go on tour wit those gay ass sic free and roy they made them gay and showed them how to fuck a tiger gay ass fake ass clownz fuc them and al the fans put the make up down and walk towards the ryhlem lite

  18. Fuck all you rappers that think your the best and the world owes you something. you will never be as good as the I.C.muthafuckin-P. JUGGALOS 4 LIFE!!! we will soon be well past you pussy ass rappers that think your the shit. we will have you in the palm of our hands.Fuck you! Nobody gives a shit if they cant rhyme, you dont have to. The dark carnival has come bitches.

  19. Marshall Mathers is nothing but a trailor trash wigger with bitch ass hillbilly parents. He acts like a pussy and cant rap worth shit. He’s got that queer ass blond hair and pussy ass tattoos to make him look bad. He was nothin but a poor ass lazy wigger that decided to try rap. He isnt nothin but a discrace to the white man.

  20. fuck all of you feminem lovin bitches. feminem aint nuttin but a little bitch and is scared as hell of icp. much clown love to the ninjas and ninjets out there

  21. this shit aint changing nutin jus u red necks stick to ur low white boys(NOT EVEN MCs)oh jigga 4 life!!like i said DUDE icp rocks,4 life,what ever u dumbasses want to say to fell important .jigga who?never heard of that gay shit and plz take off that make up and em changed rap ight dikes aint nobody want to hear the beaste boys in make up FUCK ALL YALL
    mike u wit me

  22. Man fuck ya mathafuckers ICP will kick all you ass. Got a problem come deal wit me COCK SUCKIN SONOF A BITCH JUGGALOS FOR FUCKING LIFE!



  25. ICP is the bitchiest band ever their not even real artist, when was the last time you hear an ICP song on the radio..

  26. oh well cant stop u guys from wearing make up eminem is 1 of a kind AND any white boy who trys to rap they can never be as good as him fuck them they can try all they want they can never end eminems carier so jus keep talking shit and back up those low lifes and do me a favor ask them if they use covergirl…anywayz its about the west coast coming bac game would blast those i am gay i mean icp bitches jus like em with those paintball guns and yall still talking shit em need to woop they ass agin wit his heat opp u guys forgot?dont fuc wit real niggaz bitchs g,g,g,-uNOT


  28. Ok Lil Randy- Your the one that sounds black. If ICP and Eminem were to battle you know who would win. Eminem hands down. He has talent all ICP does is talk about stupid shit like nutting in your food and the boogie man. They don’t have any stories behinde there music. They don’t have anything on Eminem. All you haters are just jellouse!! So stop saying he wants to be black just because he raps. That’s so dumb it’s like saying if a black man wants to by rich he really wants to be white or something. No it’s just the way they are so deal with it or shut the fuck up.

  29. jea he one of a kind dont matter ya skin kolor ass long ass ur rapz sound tite that iCP shit omg fucking hate them their disses towards em is fucking wack they aint rap they crap talking about they underground then they trying 2 boost they carear wit that wrestling game LOL dont matter if u say ur underground cuz u dont sell that much u would by popular damand FUCK ICP BUY EM`s CD but yea they jealous tho……………………………………………………………………..oh well its ova EM WON admit it miniCLOWNZ

  30. imma just say this right now to get it out of the way.. i like both of them though i would prefer ICP anyday .. just becuz i like ICP nd they got beef with em doesnt me i got to. i live my own life not theirs. with that said imma go off on the ignorance of half u people…
    ARE YOU GUYS FUCKING SERIOUS?!?! u eminem worshippers honestly think that if eminem and ICP fought that eminem would win?! ok not only is ICP 2 people so he deffinatly wouldnt stand a chance but have u fucking LOOKED at Violent J?! he is fuckin twice the size of eminems little skinny white bitch boy ass! eminem would be crushed!!
    Wolfman, u say that all ICP raps about is nuttin in ur food and the boogie man? you say there are no real stories behind them? well have u the song homies? have u heard the song Juggalo family? the song we dont die and juggalo chant? no i dont think you have. all these songs talk about how the juggalos are ALWAYS there for each other and we love EVERYONE in our family and wed do anything for them. and not only those songs! if u listen OH SO FUCKING CLOSELY to the songs that talk about killing people and shit u can hear theyre actually rapping about how they are against biggots, and rich snobs, and people beatin theyre wives. shit that is actually important. the ONLY ‘meaningful’ song that eminem has come out with lately is ‘When Im Gone’. his whole encore CD was
    basically stupid ass crazy songs.
    and im sorry but i gotta say this. 1MAG3 you dont kno how much i wanna fuck slit ur throat rite now. the way u fuckin talk annoys the fuck outta me. the dont try to fucking boost their career by having the wrestling. ITS JUST ANOTHER CHANCE TO GET THE FAMILY TOGETHER AND HAVE SOME FUCKING FUN! YOU FUCKING LITTLE PUNK ASS BITCH! so fuck u bitch. EMINEM DIDNT FUCKING WIN SHIT! IT AINT OVA! JUGGALOS AND LETTES NEVA GIVE UP WHEN THEY DEFENDING THE FAMILY! at the beginning u said u liked both. obviously not becuz u sittin here dissing them! AND u refer to them as ‘he’ or ‘him’.. ITS 2 FUCKING PEOPLE U FUCKING DUMBASS!
    u wanna fuck wit me than IM me at imxurxfantasyx. all in all i agree with Juggalo: Night of the 44 but i still cant help but to bite back when bitches think they tight.
    much fucking clown love… no matter what anyone says, well swing our hatchets

  31. umm ok WHITE BOY
    and im sorry but i gotta say this. 1MAG3 you dont kno how much i wanna fuck slit ur throat rite now
    LOL!!!!!!what everyyou say stick wit dem clownz im only on the EM haters fuckin dumass i got homies who like that shit called rap from icp.they dissed DRE in that homo fantasy they wanted fuck that no one disses the westside family

  32. but thank you 4 typing your emotions no shit there 2 clownz???no wonder i heard 2 clownz on there album oh shit i never knew and ITS over sorry but ICP cant rap.they wouldnt no rap if rap shot dem n the ass,oh and other thing why every EM diss involes EMs ass??damn DO they want SLIMs ANUS??yea that diss was gay all there diss were gay all the same shit different beats who cares who fuck u r they jus cant rap and can never change the face of rap *cough like EM*yea slim shady LP was pretty wack voice wise but now he waayyyy betta u guys still stuck on slim shady its marshall now.oh well wish there were some BROTHAs in here
    rsepcet to the jugga hoe thing

  33. R.I.P. PROOF…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

  34. look i like both, but ICP is 1000 times better, there is no doubt. ICP raps about a wider variety of things, and they have been around long before eminem.
    For you em-lovers that think eminem could beat up ICP, COME ON!!!!!! Violent J is 3x the size of eminem, he could crush him with his fist!! Even if it was Shaggy vs eminem, Shaggy would still win, even thought they both skinny, Shaggs got more muscles and is a lil taller i think. ICP’s disses were also better than em’s. Em aint takin the beef as serious because he dont wanna git majorly embarrassed all over the media and shit. ICP got a wider fan base and a name for them, plus alot more respect for them. And the face paint is just how they present themselves, it aint like they wear circus clown makeup wit a red nose and shit. One thing ya’ll need to face is that ICP is better than Eminem, case closed. Em is still ight tho. For all you eminem worshipers, wake up and face the damn facts. But we, the juggalos, are all family, so if i gotta shout FUCK EMINEM, u best belive ill do it bitch!! wanna defend em’s bitch ass?? IM me at Violent T71 on AIM.
    JUGGALO 4 LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Tyler Edwards (aka Playa Advizory or Juggalo Playa)

  35. Eminem is the fucking joke! That gay mother fucker can diss on ICP all he wants he’s still a gay little bitch. If ICP and feminem were to get into a fight ICP would fucking kill him. Hell i’ve jump in and help, shit that fucker needs to stop being a little bitch. Shit he said he was going to kill Kim. Why the fuck she aint dead yet?…Feminem is the fucking pozer!…I don’t give a shit how many fans he has all the Juggalos would fucking own them. That wigger needs to be put in line. FUCK YOU EMINEM!!!! mmfcl

  36. ICP is a white trash boy group,fuck the fans,who cares about fans,who gives a shit about media,all their disses SUCK like their MOM in the 3rd row on my TRUCK,beats r whack,there whack,your all whack,but its cool ya stay in ya opinion hes not a wigga(WIGGER?u must be white)ICPs rapping,sooo they must trying to be black,rite?fuck ya…
    BLACKWALLSTREET/AFTERMATH/SHADY=real talant.LMAO @ ICP busta ass legands

  37. who gives a shit about who can fuck up who,lyricly,it dont fuckin matta,busta ass like wolfwoman said if they battled,whod u think would win??Not IAMGAY,their lyriclly a joke.

  38. Oh and he didnt take the beef deep cuz ICP iz a loke an no threat to him,have u heard the disses he made towards MURDA INC.?nope ICP cant fuck wit em

  39. Eminem is the best rapper in the world other then 2puc and biggie smalls and ICP is the ring leader of a cult u stpid ass jugglos
    its just JUGGLOS UR IN A CULT


  41. FUCK EMINEM! I Got ad Love For The CLowns if i had an encounter with eminem i’d get all my homies and fuck that BITCH UP! JUGGALETTE PRIDE! ALLL YOU EMINEM FANS AND EMINEM CAN SUCK DICK!!!!!!

  42. Oh and yea. If Eminem Was So Great How Come All The Clowns Are Underground and That BITCH Is mainstream THAT PROVES WE GOT THE UPPER HAND Soo FUCK OFF! THE WICKED CLOWNS WILL NEVER DIE!!!!!!!!

  43. …I can’t believe people still cared. I can’t believe I’m still typing… Oh well…
    Internet Clown Puss!es… suck… ass…

  44. Oh you cock sucking son’s of bitch’s. ICP is one of the greatest motha fuckin’ groups in the whole wide fuckin world. How dare u talk shit abou them. They have 3 times as much talent in one member of ICP. Eminem is a big ass pussy. this site is almost completely untrue, ICP never backs down, especialy from some fucking paint ball guns. ICP fuckin’ wresteld when younger. and as all u ICP jaggalo’s or jaggalettes know, ICP beet the shit out of two perfesional wrestlers. SO FUCK U EMINEM. GO SUCK A BIG FAT DICK AS WE ALL KNOW U LIKE TO DO SO MUCH…IF U GOT A PROB. WITH WHAT I SAY E-MAIL ME AT alex_mr.cool@hotmail.com I WILL KICK UR ASS IF NEEDED

  45. ya i heard icp and they sound like shit and there nothing but a bunch of fuckin faggots dancing around on stage like a bunch of chickens with there heds cut off eminem 4 ever
    FUCK ICP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  47. Fuck all you eminem fan fags. Don’t go against the family. That will be the worst mistake you will eva make. Juggalos are more then just facepaint and faygo. Its about love for the people around you. Your friends being family. You never turning your back on family…. Being who you are and not givin a fuck about what other people think or say. Fuck all you little pussy ghetto rapper bitches. Fuck eminem, dre, and all thier little bitch ass homies. All of them put together couldnt even measure up to half of psychopathics talent! Eminem ain’t nothin but a trash talkin bitch. Don’t like what I got to say?? Do somethin about it cuz WICKID CLOWNS NEVA DIE!!! Fuckin Right. Deal wit it!

  48. ok first of all ICP and eminem arent even beefing no more.they squahsed the beef like 2 years ago.but in regardes to who does a better artist….i’d have to go with eminem has more talent but i think they both have equal originality.and as far as a fight goes….shaggy vs eminem.shaggy would fuck eminem up.violent j vs eminem.violent j would fuck him up.but as we all know from the past, eminem dont fight alone.he has his d12 homies do his dirty work and shit.so i would say eminem is weak as far as fighting goes.but eminem is a lyric GENIOUS!! but i like both icp and eminem.

  49. Hey!!! to all you Juggalos and Juggalettes out there props for stickin up for ICP and Twizted! an to all of you bitch ass eminem wannabees FUCK YOU. SyKo JuGgAlEtTe Got it right when she said that it ‘s more than paint and faygo. it’s family….. Juggalo family.

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