Jealousy can be amusing…check this out!

I never thought my poem for Hailie would raise some controversy and also some jealousy. But that’s exactly what happened on a yahoo Eminem group . My intentions were to share some words to honor Eminem’s daughter, Hailie Jade.
But those groups that are overcrowded by some boppy teenagers with no life and some of them said that I had copied it, that it wasn’t mine. But some other jealous girl, Angie, decided to write what she intended to be a ‘ bad diss ‘.
So I decided to reply in a batteling mode. Enjoy 🙂
Angie’s diss
u act like u can write worth shit
>ur poem almost made me fuckn sick
>chick, u need to get out a little more
>so u wont be such a bore
>ur just a fuckn whore
>bitch get a god dam life
>Hopefully you’ll get stabbed by a knife
>and die so bitch say good bye
>everything u said was a fuckn lie
>how the hell did u get by
>when all u did was copy other people
>ur best friend had to be that god dam needle
>filled with got knows what
>maybe thats y ur likely such a slut
>i know what ur gonna say
>when u read this little rap today
>’man ur so fuckn gay
>u got that rap from someone else the other day’
>lucky for me i can counter all ur verbal attacks
>I could kick ur ass with my hands tied behind my back
>just go home and continue gettin stoned
>cuz ur not worth nothin no more
>not that u ever were anyway
>thats y ur momma wanted to throw u away
>after u were born cuz ur mommas a crack whore
>god this is fun, for me its a sinch
>makin shit up about some loud mouth bitch
>who probably never seen a fuckin dick
>cuz ur gay and think about other chicks everyday
>somebody better have u neutered or spayed
>before its too late and u get laid
>it might be hard
>cuz u proabably got both parts
>wouldn’t that be interesting if u were a eunch
>no more balls for this lunatic
>well im out cuz unlike u I got a friends
>so shut the fuck up and bitch take my advice
>get a fuckn life.

My reply:
This is what happens when stupidity
Goes along with jealousy
You think you act as if you could handle a word
In fact you’re just a fucking nerd
You think you’ll be a fighter
Against somebody whose job is to be a writer
Before you call me again a slut
I promise you badly to kick your butt,
Talk again about my moma,
I’ll put you in a coma,
bitches like you in the stomach I will punch
To me you’re just another buttmunch
Words dedicated to Hailie you despise
You prefer words full of lies,
People, open your eyes
the bitch thinks she’s wize
But it’s just an ugly disguise,
Much more than a bitch,
She’s also an ugly witch,
Take off your hat,
You’re ugly and fat!
You’re the one who needs to get a life,
I’ll cut you off with a surgical knife,
For Eminem’s daughter my love,
Your totally intolerant of,
Talking about being gay?
You’re worst than Benzino Ray,
You will never harm me,
I’m a good soldier in Shady’s army
You come on Nate Nate Nate,
come on,for you it’s to late,
Just to spread your stupid hate,
To authentic people you’re just a disgust,
I kicked you so badly now you’re in the dust!
To diss me don’t even try
Think you can rap?
Your ugly face I will slap.
With me take your distance,
Unlike you, I’m doing something of my existence!
I have persistance
You have no resistance,
You transformed something aimed at Hailie Jade,
You horrible monster, into a hate crusade,
Bitches like you like to invade
But from being mean you never get paid,
On you I will drop a grenade,
I’ll slap you , you renegade,
You’ll be dropped in a word cascade,
You unable this to evade,
You’re sick, you need the doctor’s aid.
Bitch you’re mentally poor,
and too much immature
Your bad words to you will cost,
Cuz the battle you already lost!

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