Ja Rule diss (written by me)

Your lyrics are whack

Prolly intelligence lack
Since when does a fool
Ja Drool
Ja Fool
Ya ain’t cool
Yea your lyrics do stink
And yea you should sing with Pink
Wanna dis Hailie?
You’re more idiotic than Bailey.
On my body and soul I swear
Don’t touch Marshall
Or I’ll shoot you dead
Right in the head

You look queer
You gonna ruin ur fucking career
U ain’t no G
You’d better make some RNB
You’ll never win
With your evil grin
You appear on stage half drunk
That’s how you respect your fan

Don’t mess with Shady my man
Cuz ur a charlatan
Don’t think you’ll trial
We’ll come to your burial
On your coffin we’ll spit
You lil peace of shit

You spend your whole time
Digging Ashanti’s pussy
Instead of writing a rhyme
Ain’t this shitty
Fucking sissy
U ain’t no G
You’re a minus
Against a genius
What you gonna do
With your fucking ho
Against Em,50 and Obie
Let me see

Fake gangsta
We’d rather call ya a wanksta
You have no skills
You’d better take a bunch of pills
And end your life 4 good

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