So fuck school…

So fuck school, I’m too cool to go back. White America
I don’t wanna go to school.. I don’t need no education
I don’t wanna be like you.. I don’t wanna save the nation
I just wanna live my life.. everyday a celebration
One day I’ma leave this world.. I’m waitin for the revelation

Devil’s Night album ‘Revelation ‘
I wish I could have discovered Eminem when I was a teenager. I would have been able to oppose much more rage and rebellion towards my parents.
Despite the fact I have always been a good pupil who brought back quantities of good marks at home, school used to be a real nightmare for me. My parents always wanted me to bring home good marks and when they were less good I had trouble at home. Not that they were physically violent, but I had to face a lot of psychological pressure. I was always in competition with other kids and that left no time for friendship.
I spent my time reading and studying, real leisure didn’t exist for me, there was no space left for it.
I would have been happy to oppose them ‘ Fuck school ‘ or ‘ I don’t wanna go to school, I don’t need no education’ ‘. Don’t misunderstand me : I’m not against education. I’m a graduate and I’m happy to be able to use stuff I’ve been tought at school. But I’m against the school system, because it is all rotten.
The trouble with school and particularly the French school system is that is doesn’t prepare you to face real life with its concrete problems.
There is too much homework to do and not enough place for kids to express themselves. Teenagers don’t want to hear stupid theories about them, they want to be fully understood. Teachers rarely take time to understand the context in which kids grow up. They rather focus their interest on the results. If the results are bad, they conclude that the child lacks intelligence, which is not necessarly the case. In our school system, there is no place for creativity.
Eminem has shown a deep understanding of the teenagers’ mind. He exactly knows the problems kids may face at school. He had the courage to expose the Columbine drama from the kids’ point of view.
We need to make efforts in order to understand the youth, because the youth is our future.
School is not only a place for studying, it can be the place where daily dramas can happen. Going to school can be a real nightmare for a kid who gets constantly bullied and racketted.
‘ Fuck school ‘ as long as the system doesn’t change and ‘ Fuck school ‘ as long as it doesn’t represent a place where anybody can express freely’
In the end , learning theories doesn’t really help if you don’t take your common sense into account. Parents, please understand that your children want to live their lives’