Eminem’s tattoos

Eminem’s life story can be read on his skin. He has ten tattoos :

– an Eminem tattoo on his right upper arm that represents his stage name. On his right shoulder Eminem has a Hailie tattoo that is his most recent tattoo. There is a picture of Hailie smiling and ‘ Bonnie and Clyde ‘ is written beneath. It reminds us of the great complicity between father and daughter. The roses are, of course, a symbol of his everlasting love for Hailie.
– on his right arm, you can read Hailie’s name vertically. Eminem got this tattoo to honor his daughter when she was born, in 1995. You can see this tattoo very clearly on the book cover of Martin Huxley’s book (Eminem : ‘ Crossing The Line ‘, St Martin’s Press)
– on his left arm, there is a Slim Shady tattoo that is surrounded by the Ronnie R.I.P tattoo. The ‘ Ronnie RIP tattoo ‘ has been made, of course, as a tribute to his deceased uncle. This tattoo is very artistic : it is related to the ghetto life in Detroit. You can see a huge mushroom along with buildings and the eye of a whore.
– the ‘ D ‘ on his right forearm stands for Marshall’s hometown, Detroit and also for the D12 group, representing ‘ Dirty ‘
– the 12 on his left forearm represents ‘ Dozen ‘. If you put both forearms together, in addition you have ‘ D12 ‘.
– the gothic bracelet on his left wrist has no particular meaning, because Eminem forgot about the original meaning of the bracelet.
– On his right wrist, you can read ‘ Slit Me ‘ (maybe a reference to his suicidal tendencies from the past.)
– ‘ RIP Kim ‘ is located on Marshall’s stomach : the ‘ Rot In Pieces ‘ tatoo is dedicated to Kim. It pictures all the troubles Marshall went through because of Kim, including their arguments. At this time, Marshall had broken up with Kim and he didn’t intend to get back to her. ‘ Rot in Pieces ‘ also represents a grave with Kim’s name. It had something definitive in the meaning, but it is also the expression of a great pain Eminem was unable to swallow.

So if you want to understand the man and his life story, read his tattoos first !

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  1. hey i would luv 2 go and c u live sindin dis september but i cant me and my best m8 luvs eminem 2 bits we would luv 2 c him….i got posters of him all over my room. lol wel al i can say is i would luv 2 write 2 eminem if i had a address but i cant find any thing wel all i can say is dats and i luv eminem 2 bits lol wel dats it frm chaz xxx

  2. em i jus wanna say thank u for inspyring me to rap i would off never thought that a white man could be a raper my life is sorda like urs my moms a bitch not that teenage bitch thing butt realy a bitch shes real abusev n my father left be4 i even opend my eyes im not a poser or tryin to be like u butt if i do make it in the rap industry i want to meet u n do a record wit u well thanks 4 the insperation g2g bye

  3. omg i love eminem ive listen 2 hismusic since i was 10 its aweosme and i would do anything 2 see him..its my life long dream 2 meethim or see him in consert i have soo much 2 say about him butt it to much all i can say is that he is the best his music is a inspier and hes awesome…well i g2g peace

  4. I would love to meet you one day, or even have the chance to write you or something, Ive always loved ur music & I always will you have such good talent. Its so amazing how you can jus flow about how ur feeling and make a song out of it.

  5. Hey man,whats up? I know you prolly won’t even read this,but if you do,I luv ya man,your talent is so good,you have been blessed I didn’t even care for hip-hop till I heard you,I wish I could meet you,or even get an autograph,it would be a dream come true for me,I know you said “u can do anything you set your mind to man” but you know what,meeting you I can’t do,heck I’d even do a background check or watever! Well I gotta go,you need to thank God everyday for the talent he gave ya,byes and peace.

  6. hay man wassup i know what your talking about in your song’s because i have lived some of the things you have it was some punk ass nigger pretending to want to blow my home boy’s head off so he started making roomers about my home boy and my home boy got pissed off even know he was still scared he got he’s hand on a gun and he got some more home boy’s together to fuck this mother fucker up he went to the place and the home boy’s fucked him up insted so i dont know if you will get this but thanks any way man i would like to tell you the rest but i dont want everyone to know you know if i ever see you i will tell you the hole story ok man thanks man you da bom.

  7. hey marshall i am your biggest fan in the world i have posters of u everywhere in my bedroom and i am also planin on gettin the same tattoo as you and that is one on ur left wrist.You are my idol and i want to meet u some day. Love ya rachel

  8. hey marshall bruce mathers i am a really big fan of yours but i aint gonna tell you how many pics and everything i have of you lol well i really want to meet you some day i have been a fan of yours for 7 years now and i really love your music any way take care and text back ashlii

  9. Hey there!I have just finish reading some of these articles, which I give them alot of credit for writing!
    Ok personally I believe in a couple of things that were said which was; “I’m your biggest fan, and I love you”.Well yes I am one of those thousand of fans, and I do like what I see!
    The only one that is your biggest fan and that loves you is your daughter Hailie!
    Tattoos; Me personally addore the the right upper arm, the portrait of Hailie.
    I also like the fact your tattoos have meaning behind each one.


  11. I absolutly LOVE eminem! I think he’s the best rapper/singer ever omg and my name is Haley too! I just don’t spell it the same way but anyway eminem rocks the freakin house and he’ll always be my favorite singer/rapper!! I love u eminem!!!

  12. OMG i love eminem i have all of his songs on my ipod! i have his name tattooed on my side and got grounded for getting it since Im only 15. i really want 2 meet u but it will prob never happen. My parents dont like him because of all the things hes done but thats y i love him. he is my inspiration and i look up to him. my fav tattoo of his is the rot in pieces one!

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