Eminem and Kim’s love-hate relationship

Eminem and Kim’s twisted relationship has constantly been targetted by the media.
Debbie Mathers took Kim at her home where she grew up as Marshall’s foster sister since she was 12. “I took her in at 12, which I kick myself every day for”, declared Debbie to the Detroit Free Press. “She does not care about my son at all. She cares about the money.”
Marshall and Kim have known each other when they were teenagers. They have grown up at the same home , which created strong links between each other. But if they were unable to live without each other, they have also proven not to be able to live with each other either. The dramas Eminem has been through with Kim in his personal life have been a huge source of inspiration for him.

Bonnie and Clyde 97″ was a recociliation attempt, as Eminem explains it very well in his book ‘Angry Blonde’ and ‘Kim’ was a deep expression of his unhappy love for Kim. The chorus speaks for itself :

So long, bitch you give me so wrong/
I don’t wanna go on/
living in this world without you

Kim has often been playing with Marshall’s feelings, leaving him as soon as he was financially down and using their daughter Hailie as a weapon against him.
Despite the frequent arguments Marshall and Kim used to have in their on-and-off relationship, both got married in June 1999.
Their marriage was an unhappy union and Eminem decided to divorce when he caught Kim kissing John Guerra.
Eminem’s decision to divorce lead to a new drama in his life : Kim attempted suicide in front of her mom and of Marshall’s little brother Nate while he was touring for the ‘ Up In Smoke Tour ‘. She was hospitalized on July the 7 th 2000. Marshall talks about the tragic event in the song ‘ Don’t approach Me ‘ from Xzibit (featuring Eminem) :
‘ .. everyday I wake up, another drama
It’s a wonder I’m alive, survivin this karma
If I can hold on to my private life for five minutes longer
I might get my wife to let go of this knife and just calm her
Without these cameras in our faces like animals
For your channel 2 action news to follow our ambulence up the avenue
And catch a glimpse of all the suicide attempts
And what we do in private since they won’t let us put up a fence
And you wonder why I carry every gun under the sun
Whether it’s unloaded full or an un-registered one
No bullet, you’re so full of shit
This clip is so full it’ll spit if I don’t pull it
And don’t give me no bullshit I’m not in the mood
I just got in a feud in some parkin lot with a dude
Over kim and she just slit both of her wrists over the shit
Don’t tell me bout the show business shit
I know what this is, bitch ‘
Eminem doesn’t like the way the media expose his private life, which is understandable. He feels like he can’t hide his privacy for one minute. His life is hidden for no camera and this drama is a real private matter.
From Kim’s point of view, it was very difficult to face with her husband’s new celebrity and to suddenly share him with the whole world, with of course, unpleasant exposures of some intimate details of her private life.
Kim intented to sue Marshall in 2000 for defamation , because she constantly felt humiliated about the ‘ Kim doll ‘ her husband was ‘ beating ‘ on stage, but on August 24th 2000, both reached a settlement about that lawsuit and tried to reconcile, with no success.
The couple even tried to work out their problems and to live together for Hailie’s interest. They even tried to have another child. Despite their efforts of reconstructing their relationship, their divorce was finalized in March 2001.
Marshall’s advocate, Robert Z Feldstein stated : ‘ This is a marriage that appearently just isn’t going to work. Luckily, the parties seem to be communicating well with respect to their daughter and hopefully communication and co-operation is ongoing for the best interest of the child. ‘
We all know how much Eminem shows concern for Hailie’s interest. His daughter always comes first and his behavior towards her honors him.
In 2002, Kim got pregnant from another man, Eric Hartter, who is the father of her second child, Whitney.
Eminem disliked the fact that she went pregnant six months after their divorce. It was reported in the ‘ World Entertainment News ‘ from April the 30th 2002 that Eminem was ‘ shocked and upset ‘ when he discovered about Kim’s pregnancy. In fact, he was much more worried on the effect this pregnancy might have on Hailie.
All of a sudden, at the period ‘ 8 Mile ‘ was released, Kim broke up with the father of her second child and got back with Marshall, taking little Whitney with her to Marshall’s home in Clinton Township, Michigan.
Since he divorced from her, Eminem couldn’t really forget his ex wife. He still has strong feelings for her despite the fact she cheated on him so often and has proven to be so untrustworthy towards him.
The fact that little Whitney was living at the famous rapper’s home caused a lot of problems to Eminem. He was accused of trying to separate the baby from her dad.
Mary, Whitney’s grandmother complained about the situation. The trouble was, Eric Hartter’s name wasn’t n the birth certificate and since Eminem and Kim were back together, Eric’s family feared for the worst.
But Eminem ‘s intentions were not to create any problem. In fact Kim didn’t want the dad of her second child see their kid. When Eric requested to see his daughter on the phone, Kim said : ‘ Just take me to court if you want to see her. Take me to court. ‘
But she already knew it wasn’t that simple for him, because he already had a lot of trouble with justice, being charged for drug deals and other delicts.
Between 2001 and 2003, Kim has been arrested twice in possession of cocaine. She seems to have serious addiction problem.
Her recent behavior, disappearing without anybody knowing the place
where she was hiding before the police caught her, shows an irresponsible behavior.
Since the time Eminem has been back with Kim, their relation has been the same that it was in the past, always on and off.
Kim has always played on the fact her ex husband still had feelings for her, she’s been manipulating him, but the worst in the whole story is her irresponsible behavior, simply disappearing without caring about her daughter Hailie.
For once, we may not doubt Debbie’s words about Kim, who seems to be a dependant woman and certainly not the best mother in the world. But Hailie’s presence in Eminem’s life remains the mo

6 thoughts on “Eminem and Kim’s love-hate relationship”

  1. What ever we think of KIM and I personally have no beef about her I think she is very pretty and obviously has addiction problems. We have to respect her as she IS the Love of EM’s life and the mother of his daughter Haillie Jade (and we know how precious she is to him) we hear it on all his raps.
    Their on off and on again! relationship is more complicated than we could ever imagine they obvouosly fancy the pants off each other! but have a love/hate relationship they dated as young teenagers and have been through alot together, and I feel Kim had a huge influnce on Marshall. As Em raps himself ” from junior high until we die ” quoted from ‘LOVE YOU MORE’ pretty much sums them up don’t you think. please reply to my email with your views eminem fans!!!.

  2. I do love eminems music,but i will never respect kim.look what she has fone to him.she broke his heart and pretty much ruined his life.he dont deserve that at all.
    eminem might have wrote the song “kim” but she pretty much deserved it the way she done him.
    I dont think eminem needs to be treated this way.He is a good father and a good husband.Kim shouldnt have treated him this way.there is no excuse for her behavior.

  3. i believe that nobody should have to go through what marshall went through at all in their life…but he is a strong man and he made it out with his daughter, and i truely admire that….he takes care of his child no matter what my father never does anything for us and it hurts so marshall forget kim and just do you and be their for Hailie

  4. are theuy together now 2009 or do they just live together please someone tell me i love you eminem xxxxxxxxxxx

  5. i dont think any of us have the right to judge kim. if you read watch her interviews her opinion of eminem is very similar to debbies… hes a very selfish person except for when it comes to his kids. he even admits it himself. and its hard to put up with someone like that. he was jealous of the other kids that his mom fostered and he was jealous of relationships that kim had with anyone, male or female, which was only made worse when she cheated on him. yes she had addiction problems and shes made mistakes but so has he. hes only forgiven because hes in the spotlight. we love his lyrics, we love him, and hes made us hate her through his lyrics. hell i love the song kim which is about KILLING kim! if kim wanted to be famous, which lets face it shes has plenty of opportunities that she HASNT taken, then she would be. so she clearly wasnt in the relationship for the fame. was she in the relationship for the money? during the first marriage, probably not. during the second marriage…. yea probably. personally i also think half the reason he remarried her was because he wanted to be a part of whitneys life. and kim suspects that it was a publicity stunt. they were both at fault for all of the problems that happened between then. he was awful toward her. there is speculation from some psychiatrists that he has never gotten over when kim took hailie away just after she was born. the house that they were living in wasnt safe and kim nearly got shot so she took hailie and moved in with her mother. eminem who has struggled with abandonment issues from his own dad was FURIOUS that kim would ever take hailie away from her dad after seeing what it did to him and thats where so much of his animosity toward kim stems from. but she wasnt trying to take hailie away from him, she was just trying to keep hailie safe.
    none of us know what really goes on between them though. this is all speculation. eminem always tells you not to believe anything you read about him because its all bullshit. he lies all the time too and hell admit to it. he thinks its funny. so dont judge any of them. maybe kims a bad person, maybe shes not, but dont put all of the blame on kims. theyve both done some really fucked up shit to eachother. for years he publicly took pride in the fact that he beat her, up until the release of love the way you lie he was proud of being abusive. no wonder shes so messed up.
    ps. does anyone else ever think about the fact that alaina has a twin brother that eminem DIDNT adopt? kim and kims mom have custody of him and eminems never even mentioned him… anyone else think thats a little weird?
    @chloe they didn’t live together in 09 and they don’t now. they live near eachother in michigan for the kids but they both have their own homes and the girls go back and forth between their parents who have joint custody.

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