Eminem’s greatest gift : Hailie Jade

Hailie Jade is Eminem and Kim’s daughter.
The little girl is Eminem’s biggest source of inspiration. Since her earlier years, Marshall recorded her voice on his album, the ‘Slim Shady Lp’. He also dedicated his book ‘Angry Blonde’ to her.
Hailie Jade Scott was born on December the 25 1995 in Detroit. She is the one who gave Eminem the strength and the faith to go to the end. Her birth has been a wake up call for Marshall who really felt devastated after Ronnie’s death and who nearly gave up his dream to be a rapper. Hailie made Eminem conscious of his responsibilities towards his family. Nothing scared him more than the possibility of being separated from his daughter at the time he was facing court charges:

I guess I’ve always been the type of person who, if a brick is thrown my way, I set it up the wrong way and stand on it. Whatever obstacle is thrown my way, I try to use it to my advantage and run with it. It was a dark time for me, I guess, but I can honestly say I probably would be a different person sitting here right now if it wasn’t for my little girl.

Marshall also wanted to be a good and devoted father to his daughter unlike his own Dad. He expresses it so well in ‘Cleaning Out My Closet’ while touching his ‘Hailie tattoo’ tenderly:

I look at Hailie and I couldn’t picture leavin’ her side

Eminem’s wounds from the past are deep and still hurt. His Dad left him when he was just a few months old, and he wants things to be different for Hailie. Despite the fact he is a very busy man, most of his spare time belongs to his little lady. In his difficult love-hate relationship with his ex-wife Kim, Eminem has always put Hailie’s interest first. He also talks about in ‘Cleaning Out My Closet’:

Even if I hated Kim, I grit my teeth and I’d try, to make it work with her at least for Hailie’s sake, I maybe made some mistakes but i’m only human, but I’m man enough to face them today, what I did was stupid, no doubt it was dumb, but the smartest shit I did was take them bullets out of that gun, cause id’a killed ’em, shit I would have shot Kim and him both, it’s my life, I’d like to welcome y’all to the Eminem show…

Kim has humiliated her husband, giving John Guerra an intimate kiss and Marshall retaliated publicly (as usual). But in reality, he has tried to work out his relationship with Kim and to reunite his family. During his divorce procedure, he tried to reconcile with his wife, but it just didn’t work out. He also went back to Kim several times after their divorce. But Kim has proven to be an untrustworthy person. She recently just disappeared (after facing Court charges for cocaine detention) without even caring about what could happen to her daughter and how she could feel, being abandonned this way. In the meantime, the full custody of Hailie Jade has been granted to Marshall by the Court.
Eminem’s biggest enemies, Benzino and Ja Rule, who know that Hailie is the person that really matters in Marshall’s life, didn’t hesitate to diss the young girl in order to weaken the talented rapper who came out of the lyrical battle stronger than ever, with Hailie’s participation in ‘Do Ray Me’ where she mockingly asks Marshall : ‘Daddy is Ja Rule taller than me?’, her Daddy answers sarcastically : ‘No honey, you guys are the same size’.
His moving song ‘Hailie’s song’ from the Eminem Show summarizes the love Marshall feels for his little daughter who will be 8 years old on Christmas Day. It sounds like an ode to Hailie where his deespest feelings and Eminem’s ‘ real side ‘ is exposed to his public.
Hailie is the greatest Christmas gift Marshall could ever expect. She makes a happy and proud Daddy of him.

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  1. i think eminem is a very good person. im so proud of him. i look up to him alot. i admire him alot.

  2. I love eminem and, i think he is the most telented man alive!!! if i had a chance to talk to him live i think i would literally DIE!!!

  3. Eminem is a better father than my one. I wished he would be my father! I fuck my parents! They r like Eminem’s parents!

  4. hey slim..this is alex..i know you are the best of the heart…i know is bed i tell you but a love you so much..for me you are the best..my dream is see you,talk to you,and a lot of things..i love you men… i wanna be slim shady like you…

  5. I used to totally like Ja Rule, and now I can’t stand him for what he said to Eminem and his daughter.
    She is the best thing that he has going in his life, and mainly the reason he wants to get up in the morning for another painful day of critics, enemies and total infliction!
    For anyone to bag him (or his kid) out is disgraceful. He is respected by so many for many things! His name is popular all over the world, he’s an idol…a real idol.
    Eminem you totally rock, so please don’t let anyone bag you out cause you’re a real one-of-a-kind person! Plus, a fantastic rap-artist…you’re lyrics are so inspirational! You’re the next best thing to 2pac…and that’s saying something!!!
    🙂 Love ya

  6. ahh!yes the great man him self: marshell mathers aka eminem and dont forget halile i have never seen a more beautiful girl im my life she deffo takes marshell’s great looks anyway back to marshell i think he has to be the most down to earth person and he is right when he says ‘i guess there is a slim shady in all of us’ its true there is he is just more upfront bout his feelings and i would place me in his n.1 fan list as i was up at 1.00am to buy his anger mandgermnet tour after fly to a venue in detriot to watch it i have a tatto with eminem worte on it and halile jade well i could go on all day but i wont thats all for now eminem’s n.1 fan loz


  8. I Will Never No If Eminem Is A Great Man Bcoz I Don’t Know Him. But I You Can Tell By The Lyric’s In His Songs That He Adore’s His Daughter. Like Him, I Don’t Agree With All That Gangster Crap, There’s Just No Need In Violence. But If Someone Start’s Something With You, You Have To Be The 1 To Finish It.
    I Can’t Believe Ja Rule Can Be That Cruel To Sit And Diss A 9 Year Old Little Girl, Just To Hurt Eminem, When Eminem Hasn’t Even Done Anything To Offend Him!
    Eminem Is A Legend And Will Be Remembered For A Very Long Time!
    He Deserve’s Everything He Has.
    Eminem Is 1 Of The Greatest Songwriter’s I’ve Ever Heard!
    He’s Phenomenal!

  9. I dont’Know much about Eminem,but after reading this column I think,he has proved him self as human & best dad ever,alive hailie is very lucky to have a father him.

  10. i love the way eminem cares about hailie like that. it really show that he is a good dad and i really love him and his songs. i even try to listen to them when i can and i really relate to them, because my life is kind of like his. but i don’t have a husbend i have a boyfriend and no kids. well just wanted to say that i think hailie jade matters is one lucky girl to have a dad like him. and also i would give anything to meet him in person. love cindi.

  11. Hailie is the f**king luckiest girl in the world because she has Eminem for a dad. If i could meet Em, i think i would die! he is so talented and i think that he is the only rapper who raps about his family and his experiences, am i correct? Hailie has been through so much in her nine, almost ten years. her parents divorced, i mean, thats enough to make any kid feel bad, but she stuck through it. shes just lucky to have her older sister, Alaina, to help her through it all.

  12. emenem is a great dad to his daugter haillie ilove him to pieces +my friend anna lvs 50cent emenem is a great dad + rapper i was hopin he would be comin to newcastle because i would be straight ther …lv hayley
    ps ;uv got through a devorce + life u can get through a lot more stuff keep ya head up..

  13. Not that eminem reads any of these,but for shits ands giggles– why not. I believe his daughter has all the support she needs from her father and friends. My best advise would be don’t give up on your mother, but know you father has been there through the hard times and bad.

  14. Marshall is awsome, hes like my hero.I love him so much.Hailie should be happy for what a great person her daddy is.

  15. eminem man u such a good rapper i worship u if i had 1 wish it wouuld be for me to spend a HOLE DAY WITH U! PEACE LUV YA MELISSA XXXX

  16. It’s a shame to see you go. You’re an inspiration to all your fans. The true meaning hidden deep within your words is the secret to your success, and is what most people don’t see. Your energy, timing and crazy beats also rule! Good to see that you’ve made a choice you’re happy with.

  17. (i know he’ll never read this but) Marshall’s a great father and it really shown in his songs how much he loves Hailie. He went to rehab for his sleeping pill addiction and I know I would be proud of him for that. I know Hailie knows she’s a very lucky little girl.
    And as for Ja Rule, how could anyone say anything bad about a little girl, so innocent and sweet. He’s gotta be extremely messed up.
    And Marshall, Ja Rule is just jealous cuz he knows he’ll never be a great father or a better rapper then you. You got him beat all the way around. My best wishes to you and Hailie for life. xxx Tia

  18. most people hate rap i do too but i love eminem he is the greaest and his daughter is awesome i wish i could be one of her friends and keep her by my side and watch over her when eminem wasnt able too!!! i love themm both like they are family to me i have all the cds i know evey song by heart and i go to every concert even if its really far away i make it there emeinem would be a perfect father and hailie would be a perfect little sisters!!! so think about it nexty time some one says to me eminem sucks i will effing kill them!!!!:)

  19. i only listen to him as of rap…. my mom kinda gets pissed cuz he curses but my dad kinda likes him

  20. If you only listen to Em as of rap, i am sorry to tell you that you have no idea of what rap music is. Em is not the only rapper in the world and rap music has to do with black history…whities like you seriously piss me off.


  22. Wtf? in 1994, Em was in Detroit, not in Australia…wtf? do my articles have to attract the craziest ppl???

  23. eminem is a great dad with or without kim and eminem loves hailie more than any thing in the whole wide world

  24. hey everyone this is lala from lebanon i just wanna say that eminem is a gr8 rapper and he dont have to be black to rap thats just palin bullshit.he is a gr8 father to his daughter hailie and alaina and nathen i think it is awsome what he does to this kids not to mention his fans al around the world.btw i just wish that he would come to lebanon i mean 50 cent is comin why cant u?(not that eminem reads any of these but i gave it a try)love ya bye
    eminem rules

  25. Em, I support you all the way.. You’re part of my life and you’re the only artist that makes me go crazy!!! I collect all of your cd’s concert, dvd’s, bibliography and all!!!
    I fully respect you for being a good artist. so many grammy’s and and oscar for a rapper!!!!
    Man, I love you to the highest degree!!!!! You’re the best thing that happen for this generation!!! I am so lucky that i am old enough to listen to your songs…
    Keep up the good work of being a father, a rapper and a friend to your fellow rappers… Hailie Jade is sooo lucky she have a father like you!!!
    Don’t mind all those rappers especially ja rule.. they were just insecure to your success.. ja stinks and sucks.. he look like a pitbull!!!
    More power to you and good health!!! love yah EMINEM…
    Lady Shady here….

  26. yes Haillie is a very lucky girl, and Eminem has proved to be a super father, he dotes on his little girl and its a shame he and KIM cannot get it sorted out and stay together for her sake. MOCKINGBIRD is my fav. em’s recent rap and I love watching the video with footage of em HE IS SO HOT and young on it!! and Kim and Haillie doing such normal things before he become mega famous! and doesn’t haillie look the spit of her dad ( in lOOKS!?) WHO AGREES? Oh and Lanie looke cute too!

  27. hey all geez em aint just a great father or an amazing rapper he’s alot more he’s 1 of a kind and i no you all say this or at least 80% of yaz do but i really do relate to him and all his songs because i got a little girl she’s now 3 and her name is
    kyra-leigh and i feel the same way as em does about my lil gal and i do alot of stuff like em does and i really relate to his 8mile film when i was a kid (and believe me or not im 23 now haha ) i was living the same as him and his mom with my mom but not in a trailer it was an house and it was a really sh*t life for me and ma bro but everything he sings about i relate to and even the film 8mile and i was bleaching ma hair when i was 13 and still do now but i didnt do it because he did ,infact we dint even hear of him then coz it was really a small village wher we come from then but thers 1 thing we dont relate with is rapping haha coz im absolutely sh*te but im good @ scratching and bit of mixing and making dance tunes but yh great on you em really proud on how far you got yourself the NO1 RAPPER AND FATHER peace yall
    do any of you think that any of the letters people send to shady records and interscope records (the 2 addresses i got) ever get to him any of them (hey we all gotta have dreams right)

  28. Em is one of the most talented individuals I have heard, his rhymes (even if they do offend some) are awesome. He knows how to express himself and is so creative, like other rappers (I use that term loosely) who can only say f**k this and f**k that. Ja Rule only has about two coherent words, nothing makes sense. Shit, I could scream a bunch of curse words and call someone names if that’s all it takes. Music is expression, and that is what Em does. Ja Rule??!! F**k @#$# F**k that, throw in a few “yo yo’s. Keep doing what your doing Em, I respect your work. AND guess what? I’m a 37 year old nurse with a daughter who is a freshman in college.

  29. eminem
    plz come 2 lebanon,amchit cuz u are the best rappa
    plZ come :):):):):) 😀
    anthony samarany

  30. :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D i want to see you in lebanon,amchhit please come 😀

  31. Yeah!
    Like.. Why would you diss a little girl because you “hate” their parent? That’s completely immature.
    What did the dude say to Marshall and Hailie anyway?

  32. omg Eminem u FREK’n ROCK I LOVE YA!!! Hailie is a beautiful talented cute little girl she is very lucky to have Em as a dad im hoping he can perform his new song in Ricmond, VA at the Colliseum cause i know for sure i wuld go haha Em i hope you and Hailie have a strong father Daughter connection stay in touch and contact with her!!!! i hope she loves u with all her heart!!!!

  33. omg Eminem u FREK’n ROCK I LOVE YA!!! Hailie is a beautiful talented cute little girl she is very lucky to have Em as a dad im hoping he can perform his new song in Ricmond, VA at the Colliseum cause i know for sure i wuld go haha Em i hope you and Hailie have a strong father Daughter connection stay in touch and contact with her!!!! i hope she loves u with all her heart!!!!EMINEM OR MARSHALL whateevr haha YOU TOTALLY ROCK I LUV YA MAN I LOOK UP TOO YOU HOMIEE!!! PEACE OUT EVERYONE KATE!!!!!!

  34. Hey Eminem i know ur little girl loves you im her age im 13 I was bron Novmeber 10th 1195 so i know how we girl our age feel about our parents WE LOVE YA!!!

  35. yo slim u are so cool that i listen to your songs everyday and i was just wondering can you send me a picture of u and halie later.

    1. This is not Eminem. I am a music journalist who has been writing on this blog for years now…I doubt Eminem reads this, but if you want some interesting Eminem info, I just released a book entitled ” Eminem and the Detroit Rap Scene-White Kid in a Black Music World…there is a lot of biographical info in it and you can get it from Amazon and Barnes and Noble…

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