Nathan Mathers

Nathan Mathers is Debbie’s second son with Fred Samra Jr and Eminem’s half brother. Both brothers have a good and close relationship. Along with Hailie, Nathan belongs to the persons that really matter in Marshall’s life.
Nathan Kane Samra was born on February the 3rd 1986 in Detroit.
Since Nate was a baby, Marshall used to take care of him. Eminem states that he pretty much raised his little brother from the beginning. He even changed his brother’s diapers.
Nate’s life in Detroit has been similar to Marshall’s. He has also been bullied at Roseville Elementary school. Debbie Mathers tried to sue his school for that, but Roseville school returned those facts against her and Nate was placed in a foster family for about one year. Debbie was accused of beating her son. Eminem’s mom probably also abused her second son emotionally. It is well known that she used to isolate him from other kids.
Nate describes her as a crazy person.
While his brother was living with his mom, Marshall always had to be careful when he gave Nathan a call : When I call him, I bite my tongue. I believe she’s listening on the other extension. I’m sure he’s afraid of my mother and I’m sure he’s doing the same things to him that she did to me. ‘
Eminem has always shown love and concern for his brother. There is a reference to Nate in ‘ Cleaning Out My Closet ‘ from the Eminem show :
” and Nathan’s growing up so quick, he’s gonna
know that your phoney’ ‘. This line appears to be a real warning for Debbie.
Nate takes part to many events in Marshall’s personal and public life. He has shared his dramas and successes. He supported his brother in the most dramatic event since the beginning of his career : his Court case.
He was also present at the Mathers’ home when Kim attempted suicide.
You can see Nate in several of Eminem’s videos: “The Way I Am “, ” Without Me ” , ” Sing for the Moment “.
About Nate, Marshall says : ‘ Yo, my brother is mad cool . He’s the most popular kid in the school. He’s got like 10 girlfriends. He even died his hair blonde and got his ears pierced. He looks just like me ! He came to my concert and the girls were all over him. They didn’t even want to get with me. He was sitting on his girl’s lap and I was like ‘ You go, you little pimp. He is cool and we call him Little Nate Dogg. ‘
At the 2001 Detroit Music Awards, Marshall asked his little bother to take his awards and even to deliver the ‘ thank you ‘ speech. At the VMA Awards 2003, Marshall thanked his little brother.
Nate also spends time touring with his brother, which is something he enjoys very much.
Nate who follows his brother’s career with very much interest, is also an aspiring rapper.
This is a little freestyle by Nate from Eminem’s mom interview on the BBC. Nate was rapping with Debbie in their car :
‘ You laughin’ while your bobbin’ in your seat,
You turn around, I’ll bust you in your teeth
You’ll be laughin’ at me,
While the girls will be playing with my meat,
Stop while your ahead,
Take a tylonal and go to bed. ‘
About his musical talent, Debbie Mathers said :
‘ I think when Nathan gets out there, he will do far better than Marshall ‘
But what really matters to Nathan in the end is Eminem’s opinion about his talent as a future rapper :
“I’m more concerned what Eminem’s going to think about me more than anybody else.”
Nate is still trying to find a record deal. It wouldn’t be surprising if he collaborated with his brother someday.
Nate currently lives with his brother Marshall since his 16 th birthday. Marshall bought sportscars to Nate for his 16th and 17th birthday.
In an interview given to ‘ The Face ‘, Eminem’s little brother was asked how it was like to live with his famous brother.
He replied : ‘ better than living with my mom ‘.
In another interview given to the webmaster of his official website , Nate also explained that his mom wasn’t a good mom and how much crazy she could act in real life. No doubt he is telling the truth.

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