Eminem, a misogynist?

Eminem has misogynistic sounding lyrics. But do those lyrics necessarely make a big misogynist of him in real life?
Of course he has talked about ‘ bitches and hos ‘ that should be ‘ raped and murdered ‘. If his lyrics are taken literally, they will shock many people. But we know that his statements are made intentionally to shock people’s consciences. As I stated it before, most of the time, people don’t take enough time to examine Eminem’s lyrics carefully. If they did, it would certainly help to avoid a lot of misunderstandings. I sometimes wish they just took time to read one song from the beginning to the end to understand those statements are not to be taken seriously.
Eminem pictures some scenes of domestic violence like in the song ‘ Kim ‘ which ends tragically. It is just a fantasy, but it also refers to domestic violence that exists in real life. Eminem hasn’t invented domestic violence nor has he invented misogyny. In fact, sexist behavior does exist particularly among conservative classes who usually take the rapper’s lyrics out of their context to justify their hatred of him.
We know that Eminem’s dark side in his songs is also a therapy to express the problem he experienced with the two women who had an important influence in his life: his mom and his ex-wife.
It’s a way to get freed from Debbie’s abusive behavior and from Kim’s infidelity.
Eminem stated that he had problems with women in his life, but he also stated that he does not consider women in general as ‘ bitches ‘ :
“I bitch, yeah. I have a fairly salty relationship with women and it’s always been like that. But most of the time, when I’m saying shit about women, when I’m saying ‘bitches’ and ‘hos’, its so ridiculous that I’m taking the stereotypical rapper to the extreme. I don’t hate women in general. They just make me mad sometimes.”
He’s just playing ladies, as you should know’
And when he feels angry about a ‘ bitch ‘ or ‘ slut ‘ in one of his songs, it is just the expression of his feeling of the moment.
‘ My thoughts are so fucking evil when I’m writing shit, if I’m mad at my girl, I’m gonna write the most misogynistic fucking rhyme in the world. It’s not how I feel in general, it’s how I feel at the moment ‘.
If Eminem was a real misogynist, he wouldn’t have stated that he doesn’t consider women in general as bitches. If we look at the facts, he’s been in a long term relationship with Kim. He has expressed his love for Kim many times and some of his friends like Proof testify that his feelings for Kim have always been true.
Both have a little girl ‘ Hailie Jade- in common. A misogynist wouldn’t show so much concern and love for his daughter.
Eminem has also adopted Dawn’s (Kim’s twin sister) little girl who currently lives with Hailie.
He even intended to adopt Whitney, Kim’s second daughter from another man.
If he despised female gender, would he allow so many girls to share is every day life ?
The facts have shown by themselves that Marshall Mathers is a very different person than the character he plays on stage.
His role is to entertain you. So just enjoy the show and don’t take the statements he makes in his songs so seriou